Challenges Mount To Growing Legal Marijuana Outdoors In Sonoma County

Sonoma County has a lot of illegal marijuana grow operations and now there’s mounting opposition to growing legal pot outdoors. John Ramos reports.


  1. Maybe all the people who cant stand the smell of cannabis should go live next to a landfill. That way they don't smell my gorilla glue#4 that keeps me from wasting away.

  2. The gentleman that was interviewed somehow was able to show is complete & total ignorance regarding the cultivation of Marijuana in less than three sentences. He said that farmers that cultivate Marijuana are just "looking to make a quick easy buck", LMAO! I can tell you from personal experience that there is absolutely nothing easy about growing marijuana, NOTHING! I can't believe how hypocritical people can be. They grow grapes to make wine which is a much more dangerous drug that actually kills people, unlike marijuana!

  3. I understand you’re feelings chuck. I really do. a few billion in revenue is what we are talking about here. And that monies will be much more helpful than rising opioid prescriptions, thriving black markets and the crap that comes with all that.

    It has to be someone’s neighborhood. People have many complaints about stench and pollution and unwanted designations etc. it’s about livestock or commercial farming or water treatment plants, dumps and factory’s. Not pot.

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