CBCNL Live: The Marijuana market in Canada

The 1-year countdown to legal weed is on in Canada. Will you be more likely to light up under the new laws? Dig Insights, a market research firm based in …


  1. it´s always interesting to see how when Cannabis is discussed in the media it´s never the real experts that gets interviewed. If you want the facts ask the experts, if you want fear mongering and 100 year old propaganda ask a politician or someone within the justice system.

  2. what are our sins? in my country if you just say "Cannabis" you are gonna be done! you are canadians… you are lucky son of bitches. you are all the time have pleasure. what are we doing? my country %95 muslims!! what are we wanna do ha? what is my sin?

  3. By objective, I mean real science; not sophism:

    We objectively know that Cannabis does not cause cancer and is very non-toxic (check the LD-50 rating on it yourself). We objectively know that alcohol is very toxic and causes various types of cancers, dangers and other serious health and social problems… check yourself as well.

    But, why do we continue to demonize Cannabis, something found in nature itself – something that should be used instead of the more objectively, pernicious substances – alcohol, tobacco and pharmaceuticals?

    Tobacco and alcohol use (beer, wine, …) are solely recreational and is by all definition, a 'drug' but we just don't commonly call alcohol by what it is.

    We use it and abuse it, to recreate and procreate, and albeit sometimes unwillingly… What's the difference, so far?

    Why on earth did we make a plant, illegal? What would happen if they decided to make trees illegal, would we blindfold our children? Cut all the trees down instead?

    I am willing to bet that a lot of people are not fully aware of the true racist, Canadian history behind it all and that in itself is appalling.

    Luckily, that is well covered in Dana Larsen's illustrated book ' Cannabis in Canada: The Illustrated History' full with references for the curious and informed. In short, similar to the US, it too is also rooted in racism and unscientific, anti-logic.

    In any case, we objectively know that alcohol damages the brain and cells (throughout the body), yet Cannabis causes neuron-genesis (this is a fact) and is a preventive medicine, just as much as it is a curative and palliative for various ailments and illnesses. It’s efficacy has been known and tested, by billions of people, over thousands of years and documented ever since – including by Herodotus himself.

    Patent US6630507 should of great interest to many and it well covered for layman's on YouTube, by Heart Surgeon – Dr. David Allen – I highly recommend you search him since he discusses this very well, along with our endogenous, EndoCannabinoid System and the affinity to the exogenous cannabinoid constituent supplements, from Cannabis.

    The non-toxicity of Cannabis and the very serious toxicity of alcohol, with brain scans – is very well covered on YouTube (check his wiki too) from UK Psychiatrist and NeuroPsychoPharmacologist, Professor David Nutt. People might be shocked to know the truth… Also check Dr. David Melemede on the EndoCannabinoid system if you're not already familiar with his lectures, for which Dr. Mark Ware (of the Canadian, Cannabis task farce) has also attended many of.

    Shame on you if you do not know about the endocannabinoid system, really! Get crack’n already…!

    Why do we promote a very deadly and carcinogenic substance, such as ethanol? More commonly known as alcohol – a socially accepted lubricant and the (optionally) prevailing inebriate found in beer, wine, hard liquor? It's factually carcinogenic in any and all amounts – but it just depends how much your body fights that off, after it's metabolised… In high doses, it literally kills people – daily. Has anyone not read the 2017, Cannabis Law Reform in Canada: Pretense & Perils report – it covers many perils, as I mention here and much more!!

    It’s public and free too, a great read I might add.

    The fact is, smarter people are waking up and starting to choose healthier choices by using Cannabis over alcohol (globally) and really, that's a great thing! Less drunk drivers off the road, less domestic violence… Why is it we don’t want to promote this?

    To quote another source:

    The 2015 Drug and Alcohol Crash Risk report, produced by the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, found that while drunken driving dramatically increased the risk of getting into an accident, there was no evidence that using marijuana heightened that risk. After adjusting for age, gender, race and alcohol use, the report found that stoned drivers were no more likely to crash than drivers who were not intoxicated at all.

    This is because cannabis does not interfere with functioning in the cerebellum, the brain’s balance and muscular activity coordination center, as alcohol and opioids do. For this reason, a driver who is not under the influence of such drugs and who can pass a standard field sobriety test is de facto not impaired. Accordingly, roadside tests for microscopic amounts of blood-borne “active” THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) are without legitimacy in gauging impaired driving. They should be abandoned as an unsupportable invasion of privacy, as well as a fraudulent waste of taxpayer dollars and law enforcement resources.

    If YouTube didn't filter the websites, I would post many links to back this all up. Contact me and I will if requested.

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