Caroline Mulroney explains Ontario’s campaign on rules and risks of pot smoking

Attorney General Caroline Mulroney discusses Ontario’s public awareness campaign on rules and risks of pot smoking.


  1. Roger called her "Auditor General" at the beginning of the video. She's not "Auditor General", she is Attorney General. Big difference. Is CityNews / Bell Media not aware of the correct title? The only way they could make such a serious error is if they didn't respect the office. Typical useless MSM, giving the illusion they know what they're talking about when really they're just a bunch of highly paid non-journalists.

  2. Honestly i am getting sick and tired of the constant fear mongering going on here over marijuana. Not one of these people in charge of these laws/rules know what they are talking about, they are under this fantasy that its going to be Woodstock or something once its legalized, nothing is going to change.

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