Cannabis Sector Set To Overtake Alcohol And Tobacco – Get Positioned! Chris Miller Exclusive

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  1. If it works for a small percentage of people for medicinal uses, then I'm happy for them. But I cannot and will not agree with, support, or invest in anything related to industry that largely causes significant harm to children and adults.

  2. This couldn't be more timely, as the industry is exploding. This stock will sky rocket, great time for early investors. Just downloaded the crusthestreet/legal report!

  3. Kenneth glad to see you cover this co. This is going to be a big deal in my opinion. These niche products meeting the needs of consumers is in HUGE demand.
    When will be see these in stores?

  4. it's about time ppl stop feeding their bodies sugar crap and start thinking about what they feed their brain. I'm definitely interested in investing in a company who puts thought into what they are selling ppl and how it can positively affect them.

  5. Crook headed politicians, medias and company giants, authorities, They blame each others to confuse people. All retailers lost huge money over these. They are not GODS.

  6. Everyone who wants to use marihuana already has access to it and uses it. I don't see why there would be a groundswell of demand after so called 'legalization'. If anything prices are set to collapse with so much added production.

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