Canadian Real Estate Market Update: Growing Cannabis in your home?

A quick update on the Canadian real estate market. Need a down-to-earth Realtor® to get your home sold or help you find a new home? Ask me, Alice. You can …


  1. If you have grown weed in your residence hide all the evidence and don't tell your realtor or buyers. On legalization day police raided two dispensaries in Port Alberni BC. You can only have 4 plants, 1 meter high, from seeds bought from the government. A seed can take a month+ of growth before it can be sexed. If your unlucky from your 4 seeds you could get 1 or no female, the only sex that gets you high. Plants cannot be visible to the public. If your plants are too many in number, too tall, or visible to the public its 3 months in jail and a 10K fine. Driving high is treated like driving drunk when clearly one is deadly and the other is deadly fun with no actual death involved. The MADD commercials against high driving is sad they are actually causing more teen fatalities to occur by telling kids high driving is as bad as drunk driving. Luckily I know most teens are smarter than the people who finance those MADD commercials and when johny has smoked a joint and Matthew is piss drunk they will choose Johny to drive despite what MADD, the police, and the government are saying. Weed "legalization" should actually be called weed monopolization, weed monitization, or weed prohibition 2.0.

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