7 Worse Drug Overdoses Compilation – Don’t Do Drugs People

The heroin epidemic…the K2 or Spice (Synthetic Marijuana) epidemic… these drug overdoses have all become paralyzingly common. So common that they are …


  1. Talking about these dying addicts and how they are worthless
    And if they put a needle in their arm then they deserve it
    But that's someone's Mother, someone's Uncle, someone's Daughter
    And that's someone's Aunt, someone's Son and someone's Father

  2. things you cannot OD on, Marijuana (impossible to smoke enough to kill you before your lungs fail)
    Shrooms (Stomach would rupture from the amount eaten, not psilocybin, the active hallucinogen in magic mushrooms).

  3. When is the generaIlY STUPID public going to realize the difference between the letting go vs the drug addict doesent give a shit….?! They are a cartel made waste of time and money. ! Blame the cartel….! They are weak, this is why the cartel preys on these people. You don't see me shooting up, sniffing coke, smoking crack……! I'm smart, their stupid and vulnerable.. so let it be …..! The Mexicans are destroying your U.S.A. ! WAKE up you stupid democrats and whatever the hell you think you are and take a FUCKING stand !

  4. Weed toys with peoples mind and often after a while they need psychiatric help due to paranoia and other symptoms , weed might not kill as heroin as other drugs do but completely changes peoples personality who smoke it long term

  5. Learn about Ibogaine and spread the word. Saved my life 3 years ago. Illegal in the United States because it actually works! Kick your addiction's ass off the cliff before you fall off of it yourself. Ibogaine. Look it up. Almost no withdrawals and zero cravings when administered properly. Go to a professional. People trying it at home are not getting the results they are looking for.

  6. ok but in the first one the woman doing compressions is no where near the heart. She is doing compressions on the far right side of the woman's chest when the heart is on the left side of the chest.

  7. The sad thing is that these people are just like you and me they are not addicted when they were first introduced to drugs many they were some really good people do you all Understand need I say more?

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