1. Brodie what's the flowering schedule for kosher kush. I'm growing one right now and it seems that the trichomes are taking a long time to turn amber. How long is the flowering period? It seems that just this week its adding on some weight and I'm considering if I should chop it this week or next week.

  2. Hey πŸ‘πŸ» nice man I loved watching your grow! I don't know if you are searching for seeds to grow next year, but ethos genetics was great for me this year, dank and terpy as ever!

  3. Just wanted to know what do you give your plants to bloom out for them to flower. I've been watching your videos for a quite a while and I am new to the Grove Community hopefully one day I'll have courage to make me a video so someone can tell me what I'm doing right or doing wrong. Grow with peace and love

  4. Got some donkey dycks goin on over there. We gon link up. This white rhino turned out crazy and my blueberry kush from seed looks totally different from the clone it came off of. Real curious on the taste of that cuz last years taste was just like blueberry. One guy thought the papers were flav8ored. Of course he had to have a cut cuz he grows indoors. Also curious on how that's gonna turn out. Gave him a cut so he's gon throw me some. It'll be intresting.

  5. I literally was logging on right when the live stream shit the bed…lololol i missed the notification cause i was harvesting my own.
    Trust me,anyone that's harvested more than 2 plants knows what a chore it can turn into,especially after many seasons.
    About the SD topping,it might do better with Fimming than topping.i personally dont do the standard 'top' anymore,ive transitioned to fimming and LST. You saw my big girl. Gunna be a few elbows anyway. I'm bout to get you a bigger memory card yo. Lmao
    Hell yeah.!Grow some veggies in the beds.! You might have caught a glimpse of my veggie garden in my vid. Thank you so much for including us.

  6. Awesome loving your videos and chop downs, what size pots you using as it seems your pulling not much less than the mendo brothers and there using 800 to 1000 gallon pots

  7. LOOOOL !! drumstick-hard-buds aaaaahgagah…thats me droling al over my keybord. im going to loop that hard sound as a ringtone for my phone. You made my evening much better, thank you. there are so menny strains i whod love to se what you whod do with. cheers mr.K

  8. Will u please sesh with us the 1st smoke of the cure ? I'm gonna miss these daily updates I look forward to seeing you . (PEEK A BOO πŸ˜†) thx again for taking us along this has been AWESOME. I miss the music 🎢 🎢 but now I hear you beddah (she says n her Boston accent. Thx for the tip about the GSC. I Hav severe insomnia so I'd like to try that, and for my boy with cancer. I'm growing a Bubba Kush and NightNurse for us now. I'll hafta to wait to stash some doe Rae me . Much luv Kali.funny u wear a mask but u show yor ink. Which I like.πŸŒ±β™»οΈβœŒοΈπŸ’•

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