2018 Ed Rosenthal Super Bud Outdoor Grow October 10th.

It’s October 10th, five days before we are going to harvest. I’ve been away and while gone the plants had way too much foliage removed to soon, but luckily they …


  1. try a worm casting tea solution 20/80 then rinse the next day. I've used milk, and it does work but the enzymes from the worm castings will thrive faster than mildew which they eat.

  2. Milk worked wonders for me. I was half way through flower and it rained a few times. not effects on buds at all. I grow in western Ma. and we have had humidity up the wazoo. Some strains where worse than others. GSC never got touched and cheese strain was full of it. I was keeping a close eye on them and in two days that shit came rolling in. Awesome grow Bro.

  3. Beautiful garden man. But a word from someone who's gone thru the back fusion. I fused from s1 to t 12 myself, screws rods cage, dorsal Collin stimulator. The whole kit and kaboodle. WHATEVER YOU MAN, DONNNNTTT push it. Don't over do ANYTHING.I pushed it, and ended up having to have whole fuckin surgery REDONE.I don't know if they did the 360 fusion on you, but mine was. No matter though, its not worth 50 plants/500 plants. Once you screw up that fusion, your fkd for life. That's what got me on the damn opiates to begin with. That was 24 years ago, and to this day I still have to take them. I'm trying my best to taper off, and I have been . but I'm still on 120 mg oc and 60 mg hydro, along with Xanax. I've been using cannabis to try to ease off pain meds, but after 24 years, that's like getting off heroin. I want completely off, but had my crop ripped and was just left with my sativa. That's all great. But gotta tell ya, the indica helps me with pain sooo much better.Yeah I love my sativa but the indica helps with pain ,,,,,for me,,,, 100 times better. Know this has been long. But I feel your pain brother. Take a year to heal man. You got the rest of your life to grow. One year ain't shit and makes the whole thing go so much better. Hope you the best on recovery. Remember, physical therapy and NOOO lifting or bending. Have a blessed one my brother. Peace and growers love.

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