10/12/18 -Dr. Kent Hovind: Kudzu – Creation that Destroys Evolution!

Join us for our study at DAL. 10/12/18 -Dr. Kent Hovind: Kudzu – Creation that Destroys Evolution! Come visit our Dinosaur Adventure Land in Lenox, AL.


  1. Evolution is the devil's lie and all the evolutionists know this down deep in their heart! Maybe there are some that don't but that's only because they've been given a strong delusion.
    Isaiah 66:4 "I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not."

  2. I am really blessed about your debates with those atheist! Anyway, where can I contact you directly sir? I will get your opinion with regards "Christmas" (pagan or not pagan). Thanks!

  3. Dr. Kent Hovind,,
    The roaring metropolis of Lennox, Alabama? That is so funny. It must of grown by leaps and bounds since Francisca and I was last there. We hope you get all the workers and volunteers you need for the ministry. I’ve had problems in calling for your case. I get a big run around from the numbers I’ve called. Everyone involved in your ministry is in our prayers. Give a warm hug to the lovely ladies out there; Cindy, Anna, Manon, Julie, and any other lady who works or volunteers over there. Salute all my excellent hard working buddies too; Mike, Mr. Bill, Jeff, Mark, Freddy, and anyone else I missed! Godspeed!

  4. The intro Add for this video when I watched it was about Mormons. Before a Kent Hovind video, Mormons………… Google just negated the Mormon narrative by putting them as the opening act for Kent Hovind. So many lost, so little time, I hope. (8

  5. This guy is one of the the crookedest people out there, and he plays on the emotions of other stupid people. Only an idiot would believe that the world is only 6000 years old.

    Christ is the True Way to Life ( Heaven )

  7. I love how Kent believes everything that he reads about these topics and regurgitates it word for word but if the same articles or websites said something that disagreed with his interpretation of the Bible, then they would be wrong and just trying to support their “religion” of evolution.

  8. By the way, Kent is LYING when he says that no one has even tried to answer his questions. And he knows that it is a lie. But I guess it is ok to lie if it will get people “saved”. But the Bible says that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire so maybe it’s a bad idea to do that.

  9. This mentality includes an implicit claim to know the truth about g0d, history, and the human situation that other people do not know. People outside the domain of Christian knowledge are invariably ranked lower and in need of enlightenment or transformation.
    P. 302
    “Who wrote the New Testament”
    Burton L Mack

  10. I came across your videos last night….found all the info I could on you and what they did to you….WOW I am impressed sir…Do you sell like a series of Educational CDs? I think you should tour the country and present this info to public school….you have a friendly President to your message now I would take advantage of the time we have with him. I also think you should get hooked up with Noah's Ark and the creation museum in KN if your not already.

  11. Parts utilized
    Roots, seeds, flowers, leaves.
    • Roots, flowers, leaves.
    • Equal to alfalfa in nutritive value.
    • Flour made from roots used in soups.
    • Flowers cooked or made into pickles. Stems and young leaves eaten raw or cooked. (21)
    • Root of the plant is both food and medicine; however, above ground part is considered emetic.
    • Root prescribed for fevers, colds, influenza, dysentery, snake bites.
    • Use to counteract the effects of croton oil and other poisonous drugs.
    • Externally applied to dog bites.
    • Seeds used for dysentery and alcoholic excess.
    • Flowers also used for alcohol excess.
    • Leaves used on wounds as styptic.
    • Shoots used to stimulate secretion of milk; applied to incipient boils and aphthous stomatitis in children.
    • Every part of the plant used for skin rashes.
    • Flowers used as diaphoretic and febrifuge.
    • An ingredient in many traditional Chinese medicine formulas.
    • In Chinese traditional medicine, used to treat tinnitus, vertigo, deafness, diabetes; used as a remedy for alcoholism and hangover; flowers used to detoxify the liver. Also used as diaphoretic and febrifuge. Root decoction used for colds, dysentery, and fever.
    • Animal studies have shown daidzin and daidzein to diminish the craving for alcohol. Chinese Pharmacopoeia suggests 9-15 grams of kudzu root daily. However, results of use and supplementation in humans have shown conflicting results.
    • Feed: Kudzu is primarily grown for pasture, hay, and silage; palatable to all types of livestock.
    • Flour: In China and Japan, Ko-fen flour is obtained from tuberous roots
    • In the U.S. kudzu is used to make soaps, lotions, jelly and compost.
    • Fiber: Fiber obtained from the stems; studied for potential use as wallpaper, clothing and paper. Cultivated in China and Japan for its textile fiber and root.
    • In the U.S., kudzu used to make soaps, lotions, jelly, and compost. Considered a potential valuable asset for the production of cellulosic ethanol.
    • Used for erosion control and soil improvement on banks.


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