Why Stories Captivate | Tomas Pueyo | TEDxHumboldtBay

Stories hack into our brain to hypnotize and influence us. Have you ever wondered how they do it? Or how to harness their power? In this entertaining and …


  1. I love the way you keep pulling your audience in and making them interact with you with your passion and your powerful calls to action. On top of that you're giving us so much value and insights that I can't help to keep coming back to watch your talk over and over again. This speech is incredible!

  2. Fascinating. Super cool look into storytelling, why the brain can’t tell the difference between living something and hearing a story about it, and why we have evolved to love stories because this is the best way for us to remember the most important things we need to survive and thrive as human beings. A+

  3. Such a great talk!?

    – Neuroscience has shown that the brain can't tell the difference between living something and hearing a story about it
    – The structure of all good stories is the same as the structure of problem-solving: you state the problem, you explore the problem and why you can't solve it, you receive a new insight to solve the problem, you explore that insight, and you finally solve the problem
    – We've evolved to love stories because they teach us how other people solved problems

  4. I wanna be a storyteller! Can anyone help me?

    The neuroscience is good, but evolution is just a theory people!

    Light bulb! Thank you!

    I loved the explanation of how stories have been a necessary part of our evolution

  5. I’ve been studying storytelling for years. I’ve read John Yorke, Truby, Save the Cat, and many others, so I think I know a thing or two. But nothing I’ve ever read is as elegant as this.

  6. You have given me a a valuable insight. I’ve been writing for nearly 50 years, know the basic structure of story well, understand the role of conflict, etc. I have talked to students about pantsers and plotters, and how each has their strength, and when I’ve talked about plotters I’ve focused on knowing the ending before you start writing. The insight is in figuring beginning and ending together. I had just focused on the ending. Then fill in the middle later.

  7. Stories are empathy was fascinating. I didn't follow through to the research links provided, but they seemed credible sources. It certainly resounded with my own experience of listening to a story – to be in the story, to empathize.

  8. Don't understand why this has just 26,000 views … just watched this speech while cooking and I had to stop to focus. I'm going to watch it on a daily basis because it's really inspiring. I wanted to become a writer but I’ve always been blocked in the middle. Now I understand the value of the midpoint and the overall structure of stories. This is a MUST WATCH TED on storytelling!

  9. Thank you for sharing your testimony. I was also exposed to a malevolent cult for a couple of years; a truly horrible time. Cults are awful, God is not. I hope you find Him now you've gotten rid of the counterfeit.

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