1. I am hanging on not drinking after relapsing into drinking wine. When I found out my sister has liver, bone, lung cancer but never drank or smoke. I already lost one the same way. I am on my 3rd day of not drinking. I quit smoking 3 years ago. I fool myself thinking that eating healthy and workingout will make up for my bad habits but I know better. Thank you for the videos. They give me strength. I know that I am still feeling guilty because it should be me and not them. But that is not a good way to think. I am really trying.

  2. I quit smoking last year and quit drinking alcohol 33 days ago. Quitting the drinking was harder for me then quitting smoking. I still think about alcohol every day (I hope that will pass). But it are two great choices I made and that will always motivate me to keep going. I feel so much better health wise, money is just a bonus, your health is the most important thing.

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