What are the health dangers of wildfire smoke?

Wildfires in B.C. and other parts of the country have many residents dealing with the impacts of smoke. CBC medical contributor Dr. Peter Lin explains some of …


  1. Hello CBC news tip , there’s bunch of flyers posted on Broadway Station skytrain at Broadway and Commercial street in Vancouver regarding a senior been cheated , deprived as well as abused by a dentist at Broadway Dental Station by the name of Dr Douglas Liu alias Dough Liu . Are we all included ? By the way is a good example of bigotry !

  2. The dangers with wild fires in BC are the Green Party who will attempt to intruce the carbon tax to other provinces in Canada , and if you use an air conditioner in you home when carbon is at a extremely high level you reduce the amount of breathable air in your home .

  3. Get a HEPA filters, especially if you have lung disease. If you have lung disease you should have HEPA filters in almost each of your yours rooms, especially when you are having difficulty breathing. Make sure when you buy a HEAP filter that buying replacement filters will be affordable and available easily.

  4. …..its horrible – i lived / worked in Northern Alberta / BC for years – every summer theres a major fire somewhere …you wake up in the morning with this burning sensation in your throat + all day and night the smell of burning fire is everywhere – you cant escape it…it ruins the season..you cant wait for the crisp clean air of winter.

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