The ocean plastic cleanup of Boyan Slat – Docu – 2018

With the ocean plastic cleanup, Boyan Slat has set up the first and the greatest ocean plastic cleanup campaign in history. And it all started about five years ago, …


  1. This looks interesting but i don't speck the language, how dose it work. I get that it scoops up the plastic but then what. what do you do when it is full?

  2. Wouldn't it make more sense to catch the trash when it comes out of those few rivers that is the source of most of the trash in the oceans? Not only would it be easier — smaller area to cover and the plastic would still be in larger pieces — but it would prevent it from interacting with the oceans for years before gathering in the middle of the oceans.

  3. Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your world. I hope and pray that you will have a good amount of success as your ocean cleanup endeavor launches. It must be a daunting task to oversee the whole of operations (including the new office headquarters) but you seem to take it in stride, Boyan. Exploring by prototype is a big risk but we all learn from failure as well as triumph. I think you will have a bit of both in this wonderful undertaking of yours. Taking plastic out of the ocean AND saving wildlife is an important thing that you are doing. I’m sure you’ve got the support you need from your staff and I wish you good luck and Godspeed. Please DONT GIVE UP! Peace.

  4. i didn't think concentrating the plastic was the problem – there's a huge patch or many patches of it already – easy to find – what's going to happen to the plastic after the big net catches it? is that explained in the video?

  5. To all who are young follow him,its your and your childrens future.Push pollitics and companies into a cleaner earth,or punish them for not doing so.Develop a app in wich u could combine your strategy to hit a company when doing wrong,by just refuse to buy its products for a while.Because they rule you when you are devided but fear you when you are united.Use the tools that is out there to get that power and take your destiny,in your own hands… Crowed funding was one,now go to the next lvl… I still see plastic bags in shops.

  6. There is such a thing as higher education. Not all education has to lead to living in a rat race, destroying the planet, or becoming a overly-materialistic.

  7. With much of Asia becoming more industrialized, and countries wanting to pursue the path that the USA has followed since the 1950s, I'm afraid plastic pollution is going to get much worse. It's a nice idea that Boyan Slat has, but if we don't address the reason why so much plastic is being dumped into the ocean in the first place, his efforts will not be enough.

  8. Cargo Shiplines and Cruise Lines could get involved and maybe buy some equipment you need to do this essential work to undo our love affair with plastic . Just pellite approach to those giants of the ocean could make a big difference from small to giant operations required to really make a difference . Sailing on a cruise in waters completely or partially covered by plastics, bags , bottles etc the Fuckushima leftovers should make every vessel floating worry about present & future , not to mention ocean life or whatever is left of marine life . Beaches are totally covered with plastic. It is a disturbing feeling coming out of the water covered by plastic bags on hands , shoulders and often the face . This is disgustingly funny and disturbing at the same time . Unfortunately fishermen use ocean as a garage damp !

  9. Thank you and your team for doing that. I hope it works well enough to inspire additional funding, and a 2.0 version to improve and correct any thing that may be found to be less than excellent in the first unit. Persistence is necessary.

  10. It's just another plan but we could try and educate the Mongs who keep throwing the plastic in the sea in the first place or everyone will think it's fine to keep on doing it if they have this to clean up after them it,then one day your go down to the sea and there will be a sign there saying sorry sea and beach closed for cleaning.mind you how do you educate a mong?ps i dyslectic so sorry about my spelling.

  11. Job for life unless it stops going into the sea . Shouldn't they sort that out first ?. Also I don't get the praise for something that probably wont work on anything near a clean up scale . Also plastic is only a part of sea pollution,, unless it can do mercury and pcb s etc. The worst thing is its a sideshow to the upcoming climate events caused by our collective emissions .

  12. 42:49 – He says, "I think that many people see innovation as a way to get rich. Not so much as a way to make the world a better place or enrich humanity." When people make that evolution, from one motivation to the other, we'll be fit to enter the universe. Not before.

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