The Most Powerful Anti Smoking Ads Ever Created

The Most Powerful Anti Smoking Ads Ever Created Every smoker is aware of the damage their habit causes, but to finally quit, that extra push is usually needed.


  1. Cigarette butts thrown on the ground can start wildfires that then destroy hundreds of homes. Even in wetter climates, they cause harm by leaving all those 2000ish toxic chemicals in the environment. The smoke odor can linger for years on personal items…my family won't buy anything secondhand unless we're sure it has no smoke in it. Outdoor "smoking areas" can't confine the contaminated air, so there are wide danger zones of smoky stench surrounding such areas. But the saddest smoking related occurrence I ever saw was the stroller, occupied by a baby who was clearly having trouble breathing, parked in a "smoking area" gazebo while the baby's mother and others around them lit up.

  2. Back in 2015 as part of a school project my friend sent a letter to then UK prime minister David Cameron telling him to ban smoking. Sadly he didn't ban smoking but he did reply saying what the government is doing. Mainly raising the taxes on cigarettes. It seems to be effective. My other friend's dad quit because of the taxes.

  3. I'm not a smoker, but these endless amounts of anti-smoking ads get on my nerves. They never seem to address or understand the reason why people smoke in the first place.

  4. I'm trying not to cry so badly.
    My mom and grandma smoke. I always told them to quit but they never listened.
    I want to make them quit but I know I won't be able to
    Shame on who invented cigarettes.

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