1. Anyone else think if penny was raised elsewhere she'd be as smart or smarter than a few of the characters? she beat Leonard in 3D chess and almost beat Sheldon if he didn't change the subject entirely. either they're good teachers or she has some innate intelligence capacity that hasn't been tapped into yet. idk. I'm just talking. proceed to other comments lol.

  2. is this dialogue based on true progresses by real scientist who work on string theory or just put there random idea? Don't tell me "google that", i hardly understood half of what they're talking about, i'd get lost after a period if i'd have to google it

  3. SHEET THEORY, where in the strings are actually four dimensional objects with 3 dimensions of mass and 1 dimension of time. The Surface of the sheet can be laterally nonuniform! Interesting!

  4. People don't realize in POST PROCESSING they add the laugh track plus live audience. I don't understand how people are this stupid. They don't run the show live and film it at the same time. There is literally a laugh after every fucking line.

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