1. just legalize it both for recreational and medical use.How can you let Alcohol and tobacco legal when its 10 times worst than weed.If you’re high on weed what’s the worst a person could do,Drive extremely safe and stop at a green light? tobacco use, worldwide causes 6mil deaths per year and alcohol use causes 2.5 mil deaths anually.And for people to die for using weed is very rare.To overdose on marijuana a smoker would have to take 1500 pounds of marijuana within 15 minutes.Its not even physically possible.having a good time with weed is a lot better than getting drunk drinking alcohol.Weed does not make you aggressive like how alcohol makes the majority.It dont make you do stupid shit that could kill you or any of those things.Weed is Portrayed bad because of media and How people were thought about it.But then,through out history,New information has been found,There’s more knowledge regarding to the subject.Alcohol was treated as a social thing through out history and it’s considered as something that is normal and permissible.But not weed,weed was said to be bad but really,Is it?Time has changed and we humans we are constantly evolving,learning new things getting more and more knowledge.This is only my opinion,By legalizing weed in the country both for recreational and medical this would give the goverment more power.With proper regulations and new laws it would be good for the country and also consumers and this will stop the Trafficking of illegal blackmarket weed because people could get higher/better quality weed from the dispenser which is also a good source for the goverment to get revenue by implementing tax.The question is Will We stop our inorance for once and try to actually learn more about it?Really open our eyes and really learn more instead of saying its bad without knowing much.There's clearly a reason why most countries did legalize it.Why?Because they learnt and know that it's actually not that bad.

  2. Those who have children with autism, fits and seizures and having loved ones with Parkinson's tremors will understand this . The modern medication failed and that's why this alternative is chosen. It's almost the last mile and even prescriptions are given without thc and only CBD , which does not alter the state of mind .

  3. Only backdated country like malaysia will still associate ganja as dangerous drug. Stop selling alcohol . Ganja should be regulated properly in malaysia for the sake of the people. We are still a third world country if we criminalise ganja user who is nothing but nice people. You who drink should stop calling ganja users as drug addicts. And I talking about our stupid law n the police who is making money by catching the users n selling what they have confiscated to other underground pushers. For heavens sake grow up Malaysian lawmakers.

  4. Dr should be able to prescribe medicinal cannabis if it helps the patient. Many countries have already legalized it so there’s plenty of data and statistics out there as evidence.

  5. Cannabis Oil is actually pretty safe, it is known to cure cancer but that is not all, in fact it can be used as a laxative as well, Cannabis Oil has been used at least for 6,000 years in China as well

  6. Kenapa Perlu Penelitian Dan Sebagainya? Hello Malaysia ? Sudah 10 Negara Menghalalkan Ganja, So You See Macam Mana Negara Itu Berkembang, Malaysia Memang Slow Bak Kata Perdana Menteri Ketujuh Kita .

  7. Everyone please join this petition to help bring medical cannabis to Malaysia and end this morbid law that executes people because of selling a large amount of cannabis. If you don't trust the link below just go to petition.org and search for "Reexamine Cannabis and Allow Local Research, Education and Medication". Please bring this medicine out of the black market and into the legal market.


  8. Alcohol and tobacco products are relatively more lethal yet it's legal and taxable in Malaysia. So to decriminalize and legalize marijuana is the right step to do so it can be properly regulated and monitored by the government.

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