1. Great story Mike. Ive just finished watching an Unreported world News docu on Cancun in Mexico. People are dying left right and centre. You have steel balls to hang out anywhere in Mexico. I also understand the Paranoia that weed can cause. The best time to use is by yourself, listening to cool music before bed. What happens is you were getting paranoid about being paranoid. Once you've used a few times and you just enjoy the music without the para then it'll fade and you can start smoking like normal again. I actually smoked so much i went white and passed out, thats where my paranoia started but its all cool now. Word of advice, don't go back to Mexico, your chances of dying are very high.

  2. If you know what strain you are getting you can get a strain that will mellow you out for sure. I stopped smoking weed because some strains make me anxious. I would rather have a med card so that I know what I’m getting.

  3. i got arrested with enough for 1 doobie on a combo of modafinil & weed, i was underage and incredibly worried about disappointing my parents, heart went ballistic… not a good time, genuinely would defer from doing this combo it is proper sketchy from my experience

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