1. travel agencies all over the world are being overrun by customers booking their next vacation(s) in canada. people want to honeymoon in canada. forget about colorado, everyone will be winter vacationing in whistler/banff. canada will be hosting the next 4 olympics at least. every international organization want to hold their summit there now. fuck new york. move the United Nations to Montreal.

  2. 20 Billion income for the government, so let's make sure Maxime Bernier is the one who holds the POT! Pun intended! PPC 2019. The Neo Cons are already attacking and pushing the return of the Prohibition! Lets send them a strong message Canada in 2019! PPC!!! MCGA

  3. You need a credit card to buy online in Ontario my Visa debit card i have used for purchasing all sorts of things online doesn't work. There were so many complaints that the Ontario cannabis store shut down their Twitter account early this morning.

  4. Of corse the"black market" will still get the lions share and the bottom has dropped out of the market here in Canada with quarter pounds going for< $250 how do they expect to sell grams for $10+ the market is saturated police were told to stand down all over and it was all cut down in the last few weeks here also we are now alowed to grow our own. Ontario's new conservative premier is allowing for open free market and letting anyone get a permit to,sell pot. They are also allowing for "micro LP" meaning it won't be big pot that runs the show. I would not put a cent towards Canadian pot stocks. Their market is not at all protected.

  5. Seems pricey in Winnipeg. $80/q(7g) or $14 a g for top grade. Its half that at least on the black market. Even on the cuff (borrowed). But in a store you can throw it on a credit card. Another evil, unless you like air miles. Hope they finally research and unlock some secrets to this plant and its medical breakthrough with CBDs . Check out the Charlotte's Web Oil Story with CNN. Amazing.

  6. so they legalise marijuana to make more money now they're giving officers more work to check for impaired drivers which means they'll probably need to spend more money. Not to mention the effect this will have on people's brain who will not b doing it in moderation. On the upside tho, also think some people will get bored because the forbidden fruit element is now missing….Good luck to u all.Yet still I can't wait to see how things turn upside down, brace yourself mental health facilities.

    God created the water too….if u snort it up your nose to quench your thirst is it good for u…..??😂😂😂😂.lol

  7. The thing about green is people will go where they want to go. What ever is easier for the customer. the black market will compete at price, and they can. Let's face it they owned the industry. There always will be a black market. Good luck canada in the cannabis sales. I no you will make a lot of money. Same money you been trying to lock people in jail for all these years. If the government was a person it would have no shame.

  8. Here in British Columbia there is only 1 store to sell legal pot. More then enough I guess since there were only 6 people waiting for the doors to open on first day.

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