June Favorites 2018 | Summer, Beauty & Cleaning

These are 5 things that I have been loving in the month of June! I have some suggestions for Summer beauty and homemaking that I hope you will love too.


  1. I just came across your channel tonight. I subscribed because you seem just right. I’d love to see a tutorial with the curling iron. Also, why is sunscreen so important? Perhaps you can direct me to a video. I’ve never worn it as I never burn. I’m a 43 years old Dutch girl.

  2. Oh yes I vote for the home tour suggestion :). We caught a glimpse of your house in your cleaning video and it looks very pretty. And also sharing your faith and how seeking contentment is not a one and done process would be wonderful.

  3. A home tour, anything outside if you’re a gardener, patio or porch ideas, I could live outside ❀️ I love your beautiful channel, best wishes for a growing YT family. Blessings to you ✝️

  4. Hi! I'd love to see how you use that Chi curling iron! I love all of your tips, of course, and how you manage and clean your beautiful home. I am implementing the idea of the power hour and that is working so well for me. Thank you also for being brave enough to share personal nuggets about your Bible study routines. You seem to radiate contentment and that keeps me coming back to see more videos! Thank you!

  5. I purchased from Grove last week, through your referral , and am s oooo enjoying the Mrs. Meyers products! I also purchased the Wood For Good, it smells wonderful. Looking forward to the updated 10 item wardrobe!

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