1. I an leaning towards Joe’s opinion. Dilaudid or even straight up morphine. The only reason to use these are during palliative care, in a short term while
    experiencing extreme pain (I an leaning towards Joe’s opinion. Dilaudid or even straight up morphine. The only reason to use these are during palliative care, in a short term while
    experiencing extreme pain (I mean above a 9 out of 10 extreme), and finally it should be used in a hospital setting where it is monitored and most likely administered via a drip (IV). Personally, I experience extreme pain constantly. It’s at the level in which it never goes below 8/10 but it usually is 9/10 to 10/10. It’s a chronic pain condition and I was prescribed Opana Extended Release 10mg tablets (10mg was the strongest available.) I’m now off of the meds and I’m happy that I am. In fact, the FDA actually pulled Opana ER, or at least the dosage of Opana ER I was prescribed, completely off the market and was no longer available. They did so due to the insane amount of abuse of the medication. So, the health benefit were ultimately superseded by health risks and the FDA made the right call with this situation.!Opana is oxymorphone and is much stronger than morphine but it’s also not stronger than fentanyl. Still, it was extended release and that is very much of an increased risk of dependency and/or overdose. So, there are other medications out there like hydrocodone, oxycodone, codeine, toradol, morphine, and even dilaudid that can be used. Also, if the pain becomes too much increased dosages especially via IV can be used to a very great effect. Fentanyl is a medication that doctors are literally scared to use because of its potency and inherent risks involved. I think we have enough strong opioids and do not need fentanyl because the risks to one’s health outweigh the benefits of the patient’s health. Tear me up in the comments but I know I am correct. This is especially because I’ve been there but thankfully never became physically or psychologically dependent on the Opana ER.

  2. I am one of the lucky few, who doesn't get any enjoyment from anything like opiates . Just makes me feel nauseas at best . Even when I was in hospital when I accidentally cut my finger off at work, I asked for something that's not opium or opiates based

  3. If people want to do drugs, they are going to do it regardless of the laws. So I believe all drugs should be legal around the word. Why are government officials treating people like children, almost like the government knows whats best for people.THE WAR ON DRUGS WAS A BIG FAIL. TIME TO LEGALIZE!!!

  4. fentanyl is very hard to detect. I was doing the confirmatory test for a laboratory that was contracted to do drug screen and confirmation for halfway houses and many others samples. Bup methadone heroin and all metabolites no problem. fentanyl and norfent are tough to detect and confirm because of low amount of quantification. many times we had to call it negative despite the presence . the person behind positive sample would be in a lot of trouble so the cautious route was taken.

  5. I've been in chronic pain for 25 years they put me on 100mg morphine pills that didn't help my pain, I've been on the fentanyl patch for 5 years now it's the only drug that helps my pain at the moment, some people need this drug to cope with there pain and an injection of fentanyl recreationally would only last 3 mins the half life is so short, soon as I get all my surgeries done I'll be glad to be off this stuff that's for sure

  6. Fentanyl is the crack of opioids. Constant, compulsive redosing. Until you do that one extra patch (Duragesic), lollipop (Actiq), transbuccal tablet (Fentora), injection (Sublimaze if you could lay your hands on that holy grail), or that one extra clandestine Chinese green Fent tablet… disguised to look like the original old and highly abusable eighty milligram OxyContin… that makes you take the big sleep. You want insanity? Check out the Fentanyl isomer Ohmefentanyl. 30,000x morphine folks! Step riiiight up!

    I know it's pronounced "Oam" Fentanyl but I like to think of a British junkie slapping their pockets and feeling no bulge, then furiously search through their pockets for their synthetic opioids they purchased earlier and they say OH, ME FENTANYL! Not me Fentanyl! Don't say I lost it! Oh! Me Fentanyl! AH-HAAA! Found me Fentanyl! Breast pocket! You got a ciiiiiigarette? Have you goat a fag kickin about?" "Yeah he's tied up in the trunk with the gimp."

    The Russians pumped a gaseous mist of a Fent derivatives like Remifentanil or Sufentanil into that theatre that was being held by terrorists in the early twenty tens. You can read about it online. Many people died when all they wanted to do was put them to sleep. The people far away from the air vents went to sleep or even just got drowsy. The ones right next to the air vents were overdosing within a few inhalations.

    Leave it to Russia to weaponize Fentanyl! Make that gas thicker and more laden with Carfentanil / Sufentanil / Remifentanil and you have HUMANE GAS WARFARE! WWI 2.0 on the way. We traded in our chlorine for Sabres and our sulphur mustard for Fent Gas! Sweet dreams, occupation forces! My fellow Lithuanians all throw Fent smoke grenades into the Russian consulate in Vilnius! learn Lithuanian, you half a Slav! You Balt-Killer! Close those beady eyes and go towards the light of shirtless Putin! Long may his glorious pecs ripple!"

  7. You know, this pisses me off as much as the FDA. One of these days.. every last one of you are going to need serious pain relief.. i hope you remember things like this, when your gut cancer passes the diaphragm.. and you have a good 6 months of anguish, because the toradol ultram cocktail is "safe".. and because your CBD cures 'everything'.. and then maybe about the time the cancer has eaten away enough of you brain that your passed into oblivion, they will prescibe a blister pack of morphine on your death bed, and tell your family that the tortured, brain dead carcass bleeding from the ass is "comfortable now". Fuck… the lot of you.

  8. There are many people out there that could tell you about cannabis addiction long before the introduction of those synthetic poisons that were simply introduced to circumvent drug laws for profit.

  9. Even as adults we shit on smart people in this country. It's so much easier to make fun of this guy, but Hamilton is a very intelligent guy. Shame we still make fun of nerds. Telling though.

  10. Who the fuck is "George McQuarten(??)" and what is he talking about? I haven't found any information on this topic and nothing about fentanyl's history that included that name or any details mentioned in the video. So far the only sources I found named Dr. Paul Janssen, a Belgian doctor who developed the substance in 1959.

  11. I disagree with Hamilton that it doesn't have desirable properties, he later clarified that it has niche medical properties which I agree with more. I just got out of the hospital for Pancreatitis (extreme pain) and they used a fentanyl system attached to a button that I could press every 10 minutes. It was pretty intense being on such a large dose as a pretty small person but as a recreational marijuana user, I can confidently say that I don't think any other substance whether it had been Oxy or Hydromorphone, I don't think they would've cut it for the pain that I was in.

    Fentanyl is stupid strong and stupid strong is needed in some cases in my opinion

  12. Fent is 50X stronger than H, not 1k and fent sucks. It's a 70-90 minute high, which is why addicts that can't find good boy snatch it up. It's cheap and they re-dose up to 20X a day on fent. As a recovering IV heroin X cocaine addict myself, I can honestly say risk reduction protocols and decriminalization is the way we escape this epidemic. Look at Portugal – the stats don't lie.

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