1. Depression is caused by a chemical imbalance. Pay attention to the word "Balance", if something is "Out of Balance" you do something put it back into balance, either removing whatever is imbalancing it, or adding something to balance it.

  2. I tried antidepressants for a couple of weeks and it turned me into a zombie. I couldn’t do my job because I couldn’t think. A couple years ago I excepted what I already knew and that is I had to get off my fat lazy fucking ass and change my life on my own because the only person that can help you is yourself. I lost over 80 pounds and I have bigger muscles than I’ve ever had in my entire life but I’m still depressed. The difference is I don’t feel like total shit and I can fight it every day. Life is a battle people. Suck it up and stop making excuses. Once you realize that nobody gives a shit about you or your problems you need to start building strength from inside and when you do that other people notice and then you can be an inspiration to others which makes you feel really good. I have a lot of empathy for people with depression so I hope this has inspired at least one person.

  3. People like this are kind of dangerous. Because a lot of people have a chemical imbalance and they need drugs like that. I know a couple people that rely on and actually NEED anti depressants and psychotropic drugs. Like my step father is really Manic and BiPolar when he doesn't take his medication. Like it becomes a huge issue. But there are people like me who do suffer from depression that aren't sure if it is a chemical imbalance. I mean I am an ex addict and what makes me really happy is making others happy. Hence the saying in NA and AA is give what you have learned back through the community unto the newcomer. I don't think I suffer from an imbalance because I have taken anti depressants before and they really don't seem to help but only to inflame the things that are bothering me. So maybe I just haven't been given the right one or maybe it is because I don't need them and I just need to pick myself up from my bootstraps.

  4. Everybody’s misunderstanding Joe’s “objections” about non-Americans helping others to feel joy. He understands that concept, obviously. He’s repeatedly objecting because it seems strange that the line would be so starkly drawn between Americans and non-Americans about causes of happiness. In other words, Joe is not saying “That’s ludicrous that anyone would help others to make themselves happy!“, but rather he is saying, “That’s pretty bold to say that you a) identified the motivations of Americans and non-Americans and subsequently b) determined that there is a causal relationship between those motivations and their efficacy in relieving depression.” Again, it’s not that Joe is selfish and dumb and doesn’t understand community and love. He’s just questioning and clarifying some very stark claims from the interviewee. Without reading the studies this man is paraphrasing, one must take a lot of claims for granted in order to get on board with what he’a saying.

  5. I take antidepressants and I do exercise but weed is out of the question. I don't want to be a low life it's strange how people are so happy smoking but most are scum and lowlifes

  6. Joe here really doesn't get it. If someone says "Here's $1,000, do something to make yourself happy." And if I then say ok, buy my youngest brother some school supplies, the next two brothers some work supplies, my sister some house supplies, and gifts for all four of my nieces, and this makes me happy to see the smiles on their faces and to know that I've made a contribution that makes their lives easier. But because I did all that knowing that it would also make me feel good, I do not deserve to be happy, I am a piece of shit. This logic makes absolutely no sense. Who gives a shit if I know doing nice things for others also makes me feel good, I am literally doing nice things for others with the intent of making more people in the world happy, and making myself happy as a side effect. Isnt that far better than spending $1000 to make just yourself happy? Please, explain that logic.

  7. Hahaha 'shouldn't you make people happy because you love them'. This is the video I've been waiting for. I'm planning a trip abroad to build homes for under privileged families… do I love them? Fuck no. Will making someone else happy make me happy? of course!!

    Here's the difference people between America and the rest of the world. Rogans confusion was amazing. 😂😂😂😂💪💪👊👊😨😨

  8. Yeah this is strong part of many religions if im not wrong? help others in need and be kind to other people this is how we can live togehter with a social guide sort of speak.

  9. 5:25 wow Joe, your are an American, speaking from Greece. What you just said there is so American, I can’t even believe you people are so isolated in the human evolution map

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