Jim Kiwik: How to Break Bad Habits That Hold You Back (One of the Best Speeches Ever)

Jim Kiwik: How to Break Bad Habits That Hold You Back (One of the Best Speeches Ever) FULL INTERVIEW: …


  1. The elite,Freemasons,and many are demon possessed.These demons have to bow in the mighty name of Jesus.The technology comes from the fallen angels and demons that inhabit people.NOT people with aspergers syndrome.

  2. Wow, Mr. Kiwik, talks a bit to fast for me, at times lol I need some of that brain 🧠 food, I guess lol. Sounds like this method, if I’m understanding correctly , would be helpful .
    Mr. Kiwik has a book I’ll purchase . Thank you for your work and bringing this to us.

  3. Thanks for THIS! Although I'll admit I am watching in my first hour….actually first 15 min…."the no phone/make it my hour" has been a challenge….this gave me the how and why!!!!! Much needed!

  4. Thank you for the help not just for myself but for my grandchildren I hope I can share this with my grandchildren to do better in knowing there drain is there tool of success in knowing they can do things before they do it and to see the Finish it before it is done great tool thank you I will take an hour every morning and every night thank you Jim

  5. Hi jim
    Its really nice to your videos but i have a question on how to break your bad habits when you are trying to break them but then its like you keep on fixating on that and tell yourself you are this horrible person and you cant change

  6. The interview with Jim Kwik is amazing but this editing cuts some important points out and takes some other out of context.. If you really want to learn, watch the full interview

  7. Every INTERVIEW with Jim is the same. It doesnt matter if its video about remembering names or breaking habits. He speaks the same every time, the same sentences. I swear, look for another video, it will be identicle.

  8. Study the Bible because the Bible has all truth. The LordJesusChrist died on the cross for you sins so Acts 16:31; 1Thessalonians4:13-18 ; 1Corinthians15:1-4; this is the way you escape burning in the lake of fire or hell after you die.

  9. Look at this fukin super human genius, not getting oxygen to his brain!!! That's not wat where taught! His brain is huge in his heart. That's how I can tell wen ppl use their head brain or heart brain, thy sound like this

  10. This is so enlightening for me because I have been driven by passion that has taken all of my energy to become a nurse. I don’t follow a habit for studying, for sleeping, for mind body and soul. What I thought I wanted was against me because it was all unplanned. I had no good habits to get from point A to point B. But I did recently delete my fb because it was becoming so negative to my mind, especially when I saw my peers succeed while I’m stuck watching them move forward. So I am setting up my environment to habit change…now for everything else…..

  11. I have recently self diagnosed OCD that was affecting me since 7 years. I have never thought that i would be suffering from the thing called ocd. I have bad habit of peeling off my skin from feet to such extents that i can't walk properly. This is called excoriation and i want to break it from today. I uave diagnosed the main reason and that is stress. Whenever i am stressed i peel my skin unknowingly until i bleed to stop. But now on, no more!

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