Inside Lung King Heen: The First Chinese Restaurant To Receive Three Michelin Stars | TIME

Lung King Heen is one of two Cantonese restaurants to hold three Michelin stars in Hong Kong and one of just five in the world. Learn more here: …


  1. Few people understand not only how hard it is to get three stars, but more so to maintain them. Unbelievable that they have kept that level of excellence for ten years. Incredible!

  2. But these kind of restaurants are not "traditional" anyway, society changes and cultures merge, Chinese people don't see these are good Chinese restaurants or think them as "Western", we just see them as good restaurants well if they are good, french italian Chinese Korean, in the end of the day, if the food was good and dining experience is comfortable, what's the harm? You can just call them "mixed cultured" restaurants, It's really just a white people thinking, only consider their way is the best and trying to inject pedigree into everything, you know things you do when try to look fancy, it's really stupid if you ask me. We don't, not really, food is for people not dukes.

  3. Let’s be honest, Asian cuisines are complicated and difficult to master. The most difficult part is to use basic food material to crest a delicious dish while in the west will use expensive materials. If you throw a live lobster in a pot and it will come out tasty.

  4. Michelin don’t know shit about Asian food. The chefs would put the stars on their resume but honestly we don’t really give a shit about no Michelin. How would Americans feel if Asians judge their food by some star system created by Asians? Vice versa

  5. I might take my girl to a france cusine with Michelin ranking to make her feel special, but as an Chinese myself, I really dont care Michelin ranking for Chinese resturants,cuz I could hardly believe a France guide book could possibly understand Chinese food, I would neither believe you could fairly compare Chinese food and EU food in the same catrgory….just my 2 cents here

  6. Every business regardless of what type of business is as good as their leaders and their ability to guide the staff. Every leader is as good as the staff who executes those request. Such consistency can only be maintain, if the staff respects their leaders. Great job for keeping the 3 Michelin Stars.

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