How to Use CBD Oil For Pain Management | Benefits of Cannabidiol | Non-Addictive Pain Relief

Are you suffering from severe, chronic pain? Curious about the benefits of CBD oil on pain relief and pain management? Dr. Melissa provides a clinical guide to …


  1. I have bilateral trigeminal Neuralgia, through taking cbd oil I have managed so far to halve my medication and plan to cut away my meds completely. Not familiar with the brand you show here but it definitely is a game changer.

  2. Hi, nice video, you didn't mention how long it last as I have Chronic nerve pain in my arms and legs,for the last 20 years I have taken daily Tramadol and Gabapentin and as I have this pain 24/7 I wondered how long it lasts and what's the best way for a longer lasting effect.
    Many thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š

  3. Iโ€™m not quite clear on this. Does CBD in whatever form, truly lower internal inflammation or just effect the pain receptors ? Thank you. I see all your videos and share them with others. Thank you!

  4. Thank you for this video! I'm having liposuction surgery early November and came across CBD gummies and oil while doing research and didn't know what it was. Your review definitely helped me understand how the CBD Oil works. For someone who is doing lipo which dosage would you recommend?

  5. Wow! Just did your quiz and my number for symptoms was 21. I have fibro, migraines and headaches few times a week, severe iBS, osteoarthritis, bursitis, extreme neck pain, back pain, body pain all over, insomnia, anxiety…just to name a few. I tried the lowest dose of CBD oil once and didnโ€™t see much of a difference but didnโ€™t realIze I should be taking a lot more. I am on quite a lot of OTC drugs and opioids and would love to try CBD again when I can afford it. Thanks for the info! Hoping for the best when I get to try it again someday! Shani ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Hi, I have chronic neurological late stage lyme disease, I use a prescription CBD oil and i am wondering if you think there would be a difference between my CBD oil and the ones you recommend? I donโ€™t get a lot of pain relief from mine I am Interested in your thoughts, thanks

  7. some of the biochemistry to explain how CBD is effective or any phytocannabinoid from cannabis plants. …. the phytocannabinoids add neuroplasticity to cells. they modulate the neurons ( neuromodulatory lipids) and metabolize their way into signalling channels ( cannabinoid receptors) that occur in cells' membranes. decarboxylated phytocannabinoids ( CBD / THC) provide lipophilic access into the cells' proteins via enzymatic catalysts ( FAAH / MAGL / DAGL ) and catabolism of these ligands drives homeostasis of the cells.
    retrograde signalling is how cannabinoids exert their pain reducing signalling @ the pain junctures… this bio-feedbak loop of biochemical metabolism shows the cell which signals to turn off and which ones to turn on ( down regulation / activation ) .

  8. Your information is always so amazing! I have learned a lot from you in the past 3 months. But this information today on chronic pain is at the top of my to do list. I do a lot of backpacking, your suggestions seem to have fixed my knee pain. But on longer hikes my lower back pain has been a issue, I'm going to try this oil and cream. I'm sure it will help. Thank you.

  9. I have LIPEDEMA & lymphedema…beef bone on bone knee replacement; cellulitis has been ongoing…negative now for last 4 months. Inf. Disease doc will ok surgery IF NO SKIN breaks or issues.
    Can cbd help now with knee pain? How does it, will it affect Lipedema in future? Any recommendations ??๐Ÿ™๐Ÿฝ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ

  10. This question doest have anything to do with this video but I heard you talk about dry brushing. I tried dry brushing but with in a few hours I was in major pain all over my body.
    It felt as of I did 1000 sit ups ran 20 miles and every part of my body that was dried brushed felt like you would if you didn't exercise for years and you did what I just wrote.
    The awful pain lasted a couple of days and I had to say it was the reason for me feeling like I was ran over by a truck.
    After a week or so I thought to my self there was no way for me to be in that kind of pain would be caused by dry brushing.
    So I did it again. And the pain was back.
    Would dry brushing cause that kind of pain?
    If so why?
    I'm just very confused, am I full of that many toxins in my body?
    Thank you in advanced.

  11. I just truly like your channel….im sitting here trying not to cry…..the cycle of chronic pain is a huge mental thing ….its taxing….it can be consuming….if it were not for Christ i couldnt do this each day….some days its a moment by moment battle…..mainstream doctors can be cruel….void of any kind of understanding…..its a shame what has been done to the Naturopaths……..thank you for doing this video…..

  12. Oh Dr Melissa please tell me this will help with nerve pain. I've had 2 back fusions the 1st one failed so we had a do over, I have foot drop from the 1st surgery due to nerve damage. I currently am taking Gabapentin 3 times a day I have tried several times to stop but everytime I do my foot is like someone has stuck a cattle prod to it repeatedly it can last from a few seconds to minutes. If this would help what strength do I need? Thank you so very much for these videos!!
    Lisa T

  13. I have chronic hip bursitis.. I take many vits and supplements to help…about to start yoga tomorrow . Love anything natural. Only take occasional Robaxin (muscle relaxers ) to help w pain for sleep. But I want natural. My labs are normal. Can cbd oils cause any heart rhythm problems ? Just concerned about that. I don't have any heart structural problems.

  14. I have lymphadema and it has caused me excruciating pain especially in the back of my ankles. I also have osteoarthritis and bunch of other ailments. I am a apatient in the chronic pain clinic at my hospital. They want me to take this medication called gabaphentein (I know I spelled it wrong). They wonโ€™t allow me to take ibprophen, I was diagnosed with mild kidney disease (I was told itโ€™s early stages so I can reverse it) so Iโ€™m apprehensive about taking more pills. I smoke cannibis for my pain. I smoke at night because I need to be able to attend to my clients during the day. I have some CBD oil but stopped taking it because I didnโ€™t get an immediate pain relief. After watching your video maybe I wasnโ€™t taking enough so I will try it again. Iโ€™m loving your channel๐Ÿ˜

  15. HI Dr. Melissa ๐Ÿ˜€
    I follow you primarily for the benefit of my mom, who is 91 & lives with me. (I also have issues with the same things she does.) I am her sole caregiver. She is bedridden & cannot move her own body. She is in chronic pain due to a myriad of issues with neuropathy, arthritis & fibromyalgia, to name a few. I have been successful at weaning her off of Lyrica and ALL other pain meds. A year ago, Doc refused to give her refill on Tramadol 50mg, twice a day. Even then, I gave it to her extremely sparingly. I have been managing her pain with anti-inflammatory spices, herbs & essential oils. I re-position her every hour. I have used dry & moist heat, vibrator pads, massages. I do all I know how, but, she is never totally pain-free. She needs SOMEthing for pain. Would this be an appropriate regimen for her? How would I go about her becoming your patient?

  16. Thank you Dr.M,
    We need NDs like you to run our departments like the AMA, FDA and EPA. Its VERY obvious to me why they had to demonize and outlaw all forms of cannabis back in the day. Reason? IT WORKS and the burgeoning pharmaceutical industry in the 20s and 30s couldnt make money off of it. The good news is CBD is now legal in all 50 states ( I think). Will big pharma now push to synthesize CBD and rid natural CBD from the people? Lets hope not.

  17. I have fibromyalgia and hashimotos and iam in alot of pain legs and arms,would this help me and others,lam on pain meds that have lost their effect but not easy to drop and gabapentin, x

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