How MDMA is being used to treat PTSD | The Economist

MDMA, the active ingredient in the party drug ecstasy, is being touted as a game-changing treatment for post-traumatic stress disorder. It is being trialled in …


  1. "Pharmaceutical companies are not funding trials as MDMA is not patentable and it would not make them money". Something to think about. I wonder how many other solutions we are missing out on because it will not make pharmaceuticals money.

  2. PTSD is terrible and causes as much harm as being there.

    Fighting unneccessary wars is great for the military industrial complex. Life long addiction costs massive amounts – great for the economy.

    This way of existing as a nation is not sustainable for the people of the Nation. But it is great for those who own shares in the military industrial complex, and the pharmacutecial industry.

  3. What about the seriouss long term brain damage which destroys the mind and the emotions of the user? Isnt this a bit drug propaganda, which engourages people to use it at home? But I am actually for using it in therapy, in pure, limited and controlled form, if its neccessary.

  4. So let me guess, you murder innocent people over sea in the name America and the land of freedom . Now you having guilty of consciousness. I hope you motherfucker kill each more every year.

  5. Nicely done, remind me how many times The Economist, without question my favorite magazine, has supported all these military actions that are the cause of PTSD?

    You do have a long record of being anti Drug War, however, for which I am grateful.

    When will you be brave enough to begin pointing out legalizing all opioids including heroin is the only possible solution to the overdose epidemic? After 100,000 more deaths? 200,000? Maybe a million?

    Because you know it is, and I know you know it is.

  6. PTSD is the CAUSE, read C-A-U-S-E of so called medical treatment and use of drugs legal and or illegal, along with MK Ultra Brain washing of decent people. Please spread the word and STOP these Monsters , who are nothing but a Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Enterprise permeating and have infiltrast be treated as WAR Criminals which they are!!! in all areas of our Nation,

  7. Some Veterans became drug addicts legal and illegal drugs. Consent by such unfortunate people is doubly suspect, as their minds are already compromised.
    Leave our Veterans, widows and orphans alone, demon rats totalitarian MK Ultra brain wash psychobabble evil war criminals.! You all need to HANG or be sent to Gitmo!! Exodus 22:22 23 , 24

  8. involuntary mental health treatment is barbaric and is torture depriving victims of their health, life, liberty, and deprivation of property and ruining a persons good name forever. Just for supporting a political candidate "they" do not like and to cash in by medical billing for totally unnecessary and illegal treatments and procedures.

  9. well as in the case of Kanye West he (and others) has been committed against his will treated with dangerous drugs and procedures also against his will . His crime? whistleblowing about bad things going on in the music and entertainment industry and for supporting the candidate of his choice President Trump.
    this is NOT OK!!! expose such torture and evil attempt into silencing people.

  10. Use to love me a bit of mandy lol!

    They even had a debate on it on Channel 4, saying things like horse riding is more dangerous bla bla bla! I think the problem lies in the fact that if u buy a pill u never know what's in it!

  11. If you're interested also check out! It's the website of the psychedelic research association in the US. Some countries also have national research institutes that are often connected to maps.

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