Harvest day in the Jungle

Come take a tour with Roach & Caleb of our newest cultivation facility los angeles farmers Designed, Built and Cultivativated by Jungle Boys.quick look if what …


  1. nitryx.
    will help your plants absorb nitrogen towards the end of flower by making it more readily available..

    extremely beneficicial to having less plant/green taste in your flower.

  2. So goddamn good. I hope people know you guys are giving away the blueprint and showing people how to do it right. I could watch these videos all fucking day🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. You guys steady push the envelope, the potential for an instructional series has me both drooling and admiring the fact that you welcome people to do things like you do.

  4. You need to make a grow series ! Teach us the way to make clean meds like you. So much to learn from how you do things . It will help so many people/ newbies to grow properly with videos styled like this . Something professional for once , it will inspire so many to get off there asses and grow there own . It won’t effect your profits only make them larger by reaching out to new people . Time to start thinking even bigger than you are already doing . Time to move globally . From the U.K with love

  5. I have been waiting for a video like this!!! Like if cannabis has before and after pictures, this is some solllllid before shots. Especially cus majority of what I see is usually the after shots. Love everything about JUNGLE BOYS; mad love and respect into they're demeanor and outlook on quality.

  6. Once you smoke jungle boys there is no going back to regular weed even if you live out of state lol by the time it gets to us 475 a zip and we’re still happy as fuck

  7. It would be a dream to come work for your brand I don’t have much of my life on YouTube at all. Anyway if you ever need more employees that love weed, love Berner, take pride in their work, and came from the bottom and up on they own. Hmu much love out here from KS spreading the vibe and weed

  8. Way better than B-real shit. Jungle boys kill the game and they get the most hate. Keep up the good work. I truly enjoy your medicine. Others like B-reals week. Made me sick. Looked like it has PM on it and it was $65 for the 8th. Never again going anywhere but the jungle boys. Thank god for you guys. Great place great meds at an affordable price.

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