Over the last 8 months I have been experimenting with whatever can help me with pain and keep me off of percocets. I really do hate the way they make me feel.


  1. I'm thrilled your mentioned kratom. Kratom has literally changed my life. I encourage anyone with pain management issues to explore kratom. Thanks so much for mentioning kratom.

  2. Man, I know totally different situation, but I got my wisdom teeth out a couple years ago and they gave me Vicodin for after. Like we don't wanna maybe try something lower first? I took one and felt like a sweaty lump of garbage and switched to motrin. Obviously knee surgery is harder/longer but man anything you can do to avoid putting more opioids into your system is 👌 by me!!

  3. Good for you Matt, come to my city here in Washington, its legal here. an I can meet you! 💯😂 but keep up the vids. glad to watch you on your journey bro. spread HVii 💯 @mattvincet

  4. Hahaha good for you man. I started using it as a goof every whenever-it-was-offered and realized it zapped anything short of a real over-worked joint. Also greatly enhances most viewing/human pleasurezz.

  5. 100% support this adventure! The anti-inflammatory properties alone make it great for general recovery. I definitely notice a difference when I've gone without for a couple weeks (Fuck you WADA).

  6. Just be careful folks, weed effects everyone differently. I know for me personally, it helps TONS with headaches and nausea. But as far as like an achey knee or something along those lines it actually amplifies those types of pain for me. Just gotta try and see what works for you. Definitely make sure to not overdo it, being stoned out of your mind is a terrible feeling, and its really easy to do especially with medical grade bud.

  7. Just a thought came to me. Do they drug test you in the Highland games. Not just peds but other stuff like pot. I've never heard you speak of being tested so just wanted to know. Oh and one other thing. Who are the 5 pussy farts that don't like this vid. 5 buffoons that need to get right with their god. Smith out!

  8. Good video Matt. Find what works and will leave you better off in the long run. Opiates may very well for some but there's absolutely a risk involved there with long term use. Ive also never been a fan of them

  9. Thank you Matt!! You are right on fuckin pain meds are garbage!!! I had a hip replacement and decided to deal with the pain instead of using oxy! And later I found cannabis to take the edge off. Keep spreading HVIII and get healthy!!

  10. Just happened to see this in my recommends.

    I am currently working with my doctor moving from Opioids to cannabis. I have been on them for 4 years and will need to be on a pain management plan for the rest of my life. I have my meds balanced to where I don't feel any side effects. I don't feel high or itchy, I know what to take to manage pain and not feel it. For me it makes me feel normal.

    I am trying the cannabis and I have not liked it so far. Even the CBD it changes my head. The opioids don't affect me, I don't like feeling a change in my cognition. It seems like everything CBD has a little bit of THC in it.

    I know it's because of my long past being on opioids. I have it figured out and know the drug I'm sure as well as an individual with the same 4 years using cannabis. It's a change for me and I just have been struggling so far.

    I initiated the request to reduce my opioids and substitute with cannabis. I put research together, contacted a couple doctors, and over 3 months I convinced my primary health doctor (who also writes my opioids prescriptions) to allow me to. She had some guidelines but she would oversee my care, continue to provide opioid pain management, and ultimately work with me to see every month how many pills I actually need as I use cannabis.

    I have a dependency to opioids, as anyone would taking it for 4 years. However, I don't abuse or misuse my meds, I don't come up short or buy extras off the street. I am under a pain management contract, I get my schedule 2 prescriptions from 1 doctor, I go to 1 pharmacy (who knows me well), I don't accept medicine from other doctors, I am drug tested whenever asked and often every visit. Obviously to continue receiving opioid medication I needed that doctor to agree to trying cannabis.

    For me, knowing I will be in pain for the rest of my life, I wanted to reduce the amount of opioids I was putting in my body. I'm 35, my internal organs are going to fail from the meds before the illness I have pain for does! I am in San Diego, CA so it is very easy to get a medical card and get cannabis. Recreational sales don't become legal until Jan. Right now a medical card is required. I have easy access, permission from my doctor, a desire…strong desire to reduce my opioids by 70% in a year.

    I just don't like it so far!! I'm trying though and not giving up.

    P.s for reference and if needed for any advice. The opioids I am starting from, trying to reduce is:
    OxyContin 20mg qty 60
    Percocet 10mg qty 45

    Non opioids I am on are soma, gabapentin, meloxicam, buspirone, Zoloft, Ativan, adderall. Besides opioids, I would like to reduce the amount of pills I put in my body overall, narcotic or not. Some meds are from my psychiatrist (who works with my dr and had said, if my dr allows the cannabis, she will too) due to PTSD. 3 years ago my husband shot himself, I found him shortly after with our 3 year old trying to wake up daddy. I have severe PTSD symptoms and have high anxiety and panic attacks frequently.

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