FEMA’s OCTOBER 3, 2018 EVENT | & Obama’s WEDDING Anniversary

Fema is suppose to be holding an alleged “Emergency system Alert” (EAS) event on OCT 3, 2018. what’s more surprising is that Oct 3, 2018 (the day of the …


    The content above was NEVER meant to present any form of PREDICTIONS! One of the BIGGEST reason why i posted this video was because it relates to another event that i shared a year ago that just so happen to re-occur on that same day that FEMA is allegedly performing their emergency test… As a watchman, it's my duty to share these messages regardless of the occurrence. blessings!

  2. Maranatha Jesus !!!! The king is coming to bring us to his place he's prepared for us. It's not the end of our lives we are literally headed towards life with the King in our new earth. This was just a big redemption story to see where our hearts belonged in eternity. Jesus loves us so much. We are blessed we are the generation who gets to see this. That's why he put us through a lifetime of hurt already. Cause there isn't much time left. Do not worry about tomorrow or next week point your eyes to heaven and see Jesus is coming for his bride

  3. they using the EAS for practice so when they kill off trump , they gone bring Obama into power everybody will get the presidential alert again on their phones it's programming

  4. Hmmm, at the end of the vid, Obama's reference to "red wedding" freaked me out ALOT (after searching what that meant) and THEN he goes on to say "You think I'm joking." I was so concerned but after checking the two clips together, they aren't from the same speech. Check for yourself – in the 2nd clip after the GoT scene Obama is missing the hankerchief and has a different style tie. I don't know if James was just trying to add cause with effect but yeah Obama deffo did not refer to a bloody massacre and then ask the crowd they think hes joking…

  5. I just had to stop for a second and put my two cents in, that I believe, by all the dimensions of this person's skeleton.. That Obama is a Ftm.. Just like baby Bush. It's fitting that the Antichrist would be a trans, because the Father of all lies and son of perdition WOULD likely be a hidden trans- his deceptiveness runs Soo deep that he's even deceiving people about his very gender. 😳. The masses have no freaking idea who this person really is at all.

  6. I believe you are a Trump supporter who continues to lash out on Obama due to the fact that he was BLACK and a lot different to what all white people were use to .You speak of this man as though he is still in office!Yet apussy grabbing man who has no shame is your President today and you think you have the right to judge what's next your a Christian right?

  7. The whole government is based on the luciferian system on local and Federal politicians worship the devil and they keep passing laws to control us to be submissive and they're brainwashed us as little kids to obey the system 2 not question authority fuck you I will die for my freedom because I am anointed and wash with the blood of the Lamb I have God's armor shield and sword it has been blessed by holy oil that is Anointed I am ready for Armageddon

  8. They did not Empeach president Bill Clinton. And that was real and Monica lewinsky made out perty well ,that was ok 👌 he was a Democratic perbert,👹That doesn't count. (YEAH RIGHT )why is Bull wakoo insane oh bummer ,helleree the nasty lady and sorry soar ass Soros not in Jail..👺👹👿💩😵 WAKE UP AMERICA AND SMELL THE BULL 💩 JUST DON'T EAT IT.Robert F Kennedy couldn't do what this man has been able to do .but He did say Stand up for your Country and respect your President. He said it in a Different way .then they Shot and killed him..God bless America God bless President Trump and all his loved ones and God bless the Government officials who what to do the right thing.This country almost ended up like the UK, with the Islamic Republic all most controlling the UK. TNKS TO Bull wakoo insane oh bummer ,helleree the nasty lady and sorry soar ass Soros not in Jail..👺👹👿💩😵 WHY THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL,THEN HELL IF THEY DON'T REPENT

  9. In all fairness, while I did not vote for Obama he was not referring to his wife when he said "I walk with my husband Michael…" He was referencing a woman who wrote to him about her knee replacement and her just being able to walk again with her husband Michael was a blessing.

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