Dr. Breggin Discusses Marijuana

Cannabis is becoming legal and more widely available. Is this a good idea? Listen to this thought-provoking interview on this incredibly relevant topic. Subscribe …


  1. he looks and sounds great for 80. i'll still smoke occasionally, but when i decided to quit, its because i decided i wanted complete control over my full mental and physical state of being, and i want NO EXTERNAL SUBSTANCE, not even food, to have an influence on the way i desire to feel and think. i want complete autonomy. and it does impair CLARITY and discernment. hence why so many conspiratards these days are spinning off into the deep end with garbage disinfo like flat earth and Qanon and all sorts of garbage that makes REAL conspiracy like vaccines and animal food research look retarded by association. whats really amazing is the real fact that when you quit smoking habitually, the DREAMS BECOME EXTREMELY UNGODLY VIVID AND LUCID. everyone reports this.

  2. Yeah, long term drug abuse of any kind will dull your thinking. I believe that some people are in a painful situation and smoke or drink to dull the pain. Which is a downward spiral.On the other hand the arrest of people using marijuana is a waste of tax payer money. Legalization takes the sale of the drug out of the back alley, where people are exposed to harder drugs. So legalization is a mixed bag.

  3. Dr. Breggin seems like a great guy. Lots of anecdotes, though.  While I wouldn't want to claim there can be no ill effects from marijuana, I would say that the evidence seems more mixed than what he presents. As one widely known example, the Beatles had very arguably their most creatively productive years while smoking marijuana. Mixed bag.

  4. Very interesting video Pam. In the Netherlands almost every young person is using weed. Can you make one video about LSD, allot of people claim that LSD is not toxic and addictive and improve your brain and way of thinking.

  5. Great insight on this common drug. What does Dr. Breggin think government’s role should be as it relates to the war on drugs? Interesting that he and Pam kept the conversation apolitical. Wonderful discussion.

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