Cannabis Grow – Dark Heart Nursery/Purple Caper Seeds

Hey everyone welcome to the new Cannabis grow here at Vigorous Garden today we are showcasing two clones bought in Southern California.


  1. The strawberry banana is Crockett’s Banana Kush crossed with a strawberry phenotype of Bubblegum from Serious Seeds. Never tried blackberry fire but I do got a blackberry kush outdoor, she’s about 6 ft tall, and really really bushy, tons of branches (low stress trained her from a young age then let her stretch naturally during flower). She had 2 big main tops and 4 or 5 lower colas and a bunch of side branches, but I ended up having to take one of the big tops because of bud rot :/. Got it hanging to dry right now, but the rest of the plant is purpling out because the temps are getting cold where I live. But I’ve been flushing her for about a week all the fan leaves are yellowing out she’s pretty much ready I’m just tryin to give her as long as I can but trying to keep an eye out for bud rot

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