Canada’s first legal recreation pot sale

The first legal recreational cannabis has officially been sold in Canada. The first sales went to Ian Power and Nikki Rose, who lined up outside awaiting the …


  1. So its government approved if it's corporate controlled. A pot ceo flew in on private jet? Sounds like the people lost again. Can you at least grow your own like a few plants or something?

  2. The laws will be reasonable I think for the cannibus. You can't drink in certain places either, not on the street, not in stores. It's the same. Am so excited honestly, I thought it would never happen! I hoped it would though. Hope is a powerful thing!

  3. I'm a bit disappointed tbh… only one overpriced site available for Ontario and it crashed on legalization day, what a joke… Not to mention if you were on a cable provider that used Rogers cable infrastructure, you probably had over 7 hours of downtime yesterday 😭

    No actual stores or edibles till next year April. They should have just decriminalized it years ago and then legalize it once the brick and mortar stores are fully built, at least they would have been fully prepared and set for sales.

    Hold on to your dealers numbers! And please do not drive while high.

  4. ​Medicine you can grow need not be taxed the laws have merely slightly relaxed. Government have recognised a cash crop now they've creeped in and taxed the lot. Don't stay in suspense coz the only difference is now more tax expense. Legalisation is code for taxation now your weed is subject to inflation yeah…..Well done that nation

  5. Big deal. Overpriced and taxed. Corporate wealth. The CEO flew in on his private jet. How pathetic this all is. Small stores that started are now illegal but now you can go to the online government store because it's safer. This is a sad day for the middle class!

  6. I just smoked 20 joints in a row and flying high. YEE HAAW. I can't stop laughing at those lights on cbc stage. When I see those yellow lights, I just burst out laughin. Is this normal, or do I need to go check myself into a psych ward?

  7. I haven't smoked much in my life just a few times. I ususlly get too blasted that I don't want anymore. But my job causes me a lot of pain so maybe a little bit on the weekend won't be so bad :). I have bad siatic pain been suffering with that for 10 years.

  8. So smoking is bad for you and smoking Marijuana, for youths with long term use can damage brain but Justin Trudeau wants its legalized. And yet i need doctors note for my medication that is not a narcotic! But leave it to the Left Wing 1 Billion a year Tax Payer funded CBC to show their bias and affinity for anything that is illegal or immoral.

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