Canada Legalizes Recreational Pot: What US Tourists Should Know | TODAY

Canada just became the first major industrialized country to legalize marijuana for recreational use, with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fulfilling a major …


  1. A sad day for the world. What's next cocaine? Sadder for our children. I won't shed a tear for big pharma either. They are getting rich off the backs of working people and don't want competition. Hope the president stops these things.

  2. You have to remember that just because it is legalized it still is not criminalized. You have to still follow the mandatory regulations such as not exceeding the amount of pot per month and to not bring it across the border

  3. Weed was legal untill 1986 in India. And it is smoked here since last 10,000 years traditionally. It has been proved safe . not only that,its a sacred plant of Lord Shiva, with lots of spiritual powers.

  4. sorry. but I was walking in a park and a big group of people were smoking those 😣I have a sensitive nose so it made me wanna puke😣 what bothered me most was when we passed by a mother and her child. Idk shouldn't they at least keep it away from public places?

  5. Canada is great, this would cure cancer in Canada, many people will move to Canada just to be able to heal themselves !!! I estimate revenue like 2 billion dollars in just 3 months! This is great news!

  6. American Border Officials today warned Canadians not to bring pot to the US, no work related business for marijuana going to the US, and a final warning not to lie to CBP border agents about current or past use, like they are giving you a chance at the entry point. Canadians are being banned for life from entering the US, simply for admitting to have smoked marijuana as a teenager, 30, 40 or 50 years ago. Honesty either way will get you removed with a lifetime ban.
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  7. Thank God I live in Canada , legalization will reduce the meth crises, America should do the same and realize how deadly methamphetamine really is,seems like the government of America wants methamphetamine to destruct and destroy their whole country , methamphetamine is destructing and causing so many murders and legalizing marijuana will reduce that, if a meth user smokes indica he will eat he will sleep and probably quit using meth, marijuana saves lives and can be the cure for treating methamphetamine and opioid withdrawal symptoms.

  8. One step closer to my fave movie idiocracy! Marijuana smoke has ten times the tar content as cigarette smoke! With nationalized medicine cant wait to see this bill for cancer related illnesses in about ten years lol

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