365 – day 219… HOW I QUIT SMOKING!

This wont be relevant for everyone, but most of us have some kinds of addiction in our lives, whether to substances, shopping or social media! Hope this helps …


  1. If there`s any part of you that wishes to stop smoking weed, have this quit smoking guidebook “fetching zemzem site” (Google it)! I have quit numerous times, even using hypnosis a couple of times – which worked for a while. Every time I ceased, I thought about if I might start again someday. This guide altered the way I assume about smoking. This time, I was sure that I can finally put an end to smoking..

  2. Thank you for sharing something so personal, we've all done things we regret, well done for overcoming it! Your video made me think about any addictions I've had and I struggled to think of any (well maybe coffee 😉 ) and then I realised, I used to be addicted to control. I needed to be in control and if I wasn't I would spiral into anxiety and panic. It was the reason I was socially anxious and finding that root really helped me. I still struggle with giving up control and letting God lead, but I started to overcome it by taking that first step, when I gave my life to God (12 years ago). I just felt I needed to share that, not sure why!

  3. Well done Philippa and being brave enough to share. I agree 100% with you, having overcome many addictions including drinking alcohol and smoking. Like you it was when I became a Christian because I was turning away from my sins (old self) and becoming born again, in Christ. Xxx

  4. I smoke like 20 a day, I always say it’s best for me to smoke rather than me hitting someone 😂 I’d love to be able to stop like it costs me £9:35 for 20. It’s ridiculous like I’ve tried to quit so many times but now I’m just like ah well cba to try 😂

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