1. It helps some people.They Doctor refused it to my husband back in the 2000's instead they put him on major meds. and the Flentyal patch. He was ill with polycystic kidneys , diabetes and heart problems.My once 240 # 6 ' 6" hub and shrunk down to probably 140 with one leg after he lost it to an infection .He had a 5 way bypass and his leg became infected.
    He was on dialysis ( peritoneal ) for a few years . He passed in 2006. I wish he could have gotten relief from it. I have never smoked anything .I have FIBROMYALGIA And ARTHRITIS but I don't like any smoke .Pill form is a Maybe.

  2. LOL ..I must, I must view the Sequel….when I saw your beautiful face, I almost burned my tontons, with hottest of café au lait, chère amie, dearest ..Oh must fetch la song for the occasion..soon near you..moi oxo

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