1. Yea really, how many people have died from FDA approved medicines,millons. FDA are the ones that started the opioid crises and were supposed to count on them?

  2. Just legalize it so people can medicate with this instead of alcohol. Marajuana doesn't kill people or cause an ungodly amount of vehicle accidents. It's a plant that just makes people happy, want to eat and then take a nap!

    I suffer from debilitating migraines, chronic neck and back issues as well as an anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder. Marajuana helps with all of my problems to where I don't need to have a pharmacy of pills to feel human now. I can power through all of my struggles with a couple of hits of the bong.

  3. I was addicted to oxy, typical day was snort 5-7 30 mg IRs because of several issues with my back. I got off the pills last year in June, I safely did by myself and using copious amounts of cannabis I got through detox and withdrawals easily enough and keeping up the copious amounts of cannabis I was able to get used to the pain. I decreased my cannabis intake a few months afterward and now I'm able to get by with having a joint a couple times a week to help with my more taxing home chores, I do not work because of a pinched nerve that acts up often.

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