Quitting Smoking and Insomnia

Insomnia is a common side effect of quitting smoking, and though it does eventually pass, those sleepless nights can be hard! Today, let’s talk about why quitting …


  1. Not trying to be forward by saying this but you look 10 years younger than the video I just watched..Sept 2, 2017. We just quit yesterday. Every thing you're saying is true. Remember also how much money we're saving per year that can go towards a mini vacation or something useful. Thanks, enjoying your vids.

  2. Sunday marked 1 week
    As far as sleeping, personally (in case it might help anyone else) I also do meditation but since I'm uber new to it I got an app for guided meditations that has always worked.
    Also starting the cutting out of soda as I've noticed it just doesn't taste the same to me anymore and I don't want to be left dealing with the inability to sleep at night.
    Thank you for the tips you post to help others!! It helps so very much!
    To others out there on the quit journey…Good Luck, You've got it in you!!!

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