YES, I did it…I quit… find out more on why I quit it all and came home for good…thanks for your support and encouragement …


  1. This was a very difficult video for me to film and post so I thank you in advance for your kind comments😭 💥REMEMBER to BE CONFIDENTLY FRUGAL!!!❤️I'm also so excited to let you know my guide 'CUT IT OUT: How To Attract Abundance While Simplifying, Saving Time, Money & Space & Your Sanity' is NOW available for you on my website. Its a downloadable PDF where I dive into topics about our relationship with money, clutter, budgeting, and how to manifest and visualize ANY a life of abundance. These are the exact things I have done personally to attain my dream partner, job, house, car, and overall life that I am so proud of. I really really hope you guys enjoy, check it out here: http://www.FreeToFrugal.com

  2. Omg this video was for me. Because I'm going threw the same thing. The hubby n I where talking n thinking i should quit my job n stay home n be here more at home. I dont have a degree or the bread winner i bring in not alot of money but its something. Its to the point to where its not worth me being at home for more then 12hrs a day. I want to be home more n be with my kids. The hubby n I also work opposite shifts we make it work. N I am that women that think n want to work n make my own money. I love to make my own money. I do worry about money n bills n if i quite r the bills gonna be paid. R we going to struggle n thats what keeps me from not quitting my job or find something closer n more pay. I can totally relate what u went threw I'm going threw now. Except being out of debt thing. Working on that. Lol. I would love to know more about what u do to still bring in income n be at home. Thank you for sharing. New sub for about a month or so, n love n been watching alot of ur videos.

  3. Late to the party, but THANK YOU for posting this. I absolutely love your spirit and willingness to share your tips and life with all of us. Wishing you and your family nothing but all the awesome things life has to offer 😘

  4. Kim thank you so much for sharing your life. I can truly identify with you I am currently active duty military and have seven years left to retirement both my boys are under five years old I found your page I am one baby step five I believe to paying off my mortgage with Dave Ramsey absolutely love love love your channel. I did see myself as a career woman which will be seven years go by quick but not too quick because I do want to enjoy the time I do have with my children prior to Retirement. I have started my YouTube channel as well about years ago but haven’t been the most consistent with it which is my next goal. It is more like a hobby but I haven’t found that content I want to deliver and it is fine. Thank you again and I love your videos. Continue to do great things. You are an awesome mommy and wife and person.

  5. I think it's great and even important to share some personal videos like this in with all your regular content. The more we watch your tips type of videos, the more we wonder about your life as a whole. I would love to know what you're doing to earn income from home. I think we're seeing a huge shift right now from traditional jobs to remote, and I think the idea is a little intimidating or even feels unattainable to people who have been in the workforce for a while.

  6. May your spirit be blessed for sharing your story. Thank you. You have helped me to see that I am not "A LABEL" but rather, a lot more, than the square box that society puts me into. It's made me see myself as a stronger human being. Stronger, tougher, smarter, than what I thought was.

  7. I respect you so much! It’s a hard decision mothers have to make at some point. No need to defend yourself. Hopefully I can get there. Almost finished paying off student loans, then home and a nest egg.

  8. It's ok to be "Kim." I'm Christine, and I left my job to put my family first and pursue more profoundly worthy uses of my time irrespective of the world's (working world especially) opinion. Welcome aboard!

  9. I was so you and how I regret it. However, I did start working at home (medical transcription) when my oldest was a senior in high school and my baby was 9, so I had some years with the baby with the flexibility. I basically wore myself out and now I have fibromyalgia. It was a real struggle to quit working because I have always been a worker bee helping my husband support our family. So feel confident in your decision. I love being home and am embracing being a supportive wife, mom and grandma to my 3 darling granddaughters. It is a full-time job running a home! We have a food garden and just got 5 baby chicks, and I do the bookkeeping for my husband's business. I also try to do everything I can to take the stress off my husband like mowing the lawns. He did all the cooking and shopping for over 35 years of our 40 year marriage, so I am starting to enjoy cooking too, though he still loves to smoke meat, make our bacon, etc.

  10. Great video Kim! I understand what you mean about being a career woman. I'm also the first to graduate from college in my family and being a homemaker or stay-at-home mom was never something I was taught to aspire to. But in reality we (as women especially) have to learn to juggle all things. That's part of my journey right now learning to be prepared. I constantly feel behind on things. I need to learn to be better prepared, especially now that I have to babies under two. It's so wonderful that you realized how much you were needed at home and put that as your priority. Thank you for your video.

  11. Wowwwwww your story is so similar to mine it's almost eerie. We have 2 boys (Joshua 10 and Jordan 8) and I stopped working in corporate America last year. We had discussed it prior to it being official because I was struggling to find balance between home and work and it became evident that there is NO SUCH THING AS BALANCE (lol). Our boys are both involved in activities, so it was tough and many days I would get off, pick them up from aftercare and rush to one of their practices, eat in the car in route, get home at 7 or 8 and then do homework. It was maddening!!! But I was afraid to pull the plug. Then life happened…………..My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer October 2016 and it was devastating. It is till hard I'm tearing up just typing this, but I took leave because my mother lived in another state and between my brothers and I we had to come home to take care of her. So I was going back and forth from where we live to PA. Fast forward to May 2017 and it was that critical point. I took the boys and went to PA. My mother passed July 18th. I decided after going through this that something had to change, especially since I didn't like the environment I worked in, I was miserable, i gained weight and just in a bad situation. Add in we found out our youngest has a slight learning disability right before my mother was diagnosed. So fast forward after we buried my mother I decided I needed to be home and I haven't regretted it not one time. Well sometimes when I used to be in TJ Maxx I occasionally wanted to spend randomly like I used to when I was working (aka retail therapy….lol), but now I'm good because I just don't go in….lol.

    I will say that I am much happier now, my husband is happier and so are the boys because I am here for them in ways I never could be when I was working. I have also found that since becoming a SAHM/SAHW my husband and I spend much more time together without the boys (lol). Because his schedule rotates many days we will go to the movies or lunch while the boys are in school. We talk much more because we are home together more. I am much more active at our son's school. They even put me on the board as the parent representative. As for our son's one plays AAU basketball, so he plays year round and based on the times of their practices he never would have been able to do it with me working the way I was.

    So it has been a year now and I do want to start working from home possibly, I can't see going back into the finance business like before. My husband has been pushing is for me to do real estate. He wants to start buying properties and either flipping or keeping. I want to also help people get into their first home, so I was thinking of getting on board with a non profit that helps people do that. I figure my finance background could be beneficial as well. Fitness has always been a passion too, so that route could be taken too, but right now, I'm just trying to survive the summer since I have football camps, soccer camps, basketball camps, golf camps, lego camps and swimming lessons to navigate over the next 2 month. Pray for me……lol

    I know I talked your ear off, but your story inspired me to share mine.
    Continued blessings on all you do ♥

  12. This video touches me because it sounds like your telling my story. I totally understand what your saying and I’m so glad I found you. God Bless you and your family. Keep doing what your doing👍🏾

  13. Thank you for sharing your heart! I know that you will be successful because when we put family first that is what happens. Actually we put God first and family second. And it works beautifully. I left my beautiful career 22 yrs ago when we
    adopted our little boy. It was hard at first. I missed a lot of things, but knowing that i was home with my sweet son made it all worth it!! Wish you the best and congratulations!!!

  14. I did the same thing 5 years ago. You just have to get very creative. Minimalism and frugality have helped me a lot in this area. How do you earn extra money at home? This is one area I need help in

  15. Please share how you are making income. I'm married, but no kids. I've been working since I was 16 & I would love to quit my job & stay jome, but earing income has well. Thanks for sharing your story it was encouraging and really hit home for me because I was raised by a single parent & she went without so I could have & I always told myself when I grow up my mom will never be without & to the day that statement still stands, she's always telling me I'm doing to much, but I can't never do too much for my mom. Thanks for sharing. Peace & Blessing.

  16. Thank u, thank u, thank u for sharing. I just made a similar decision to take a step back in career to be more present with my daughter who is almost 2. It’s a really hard decision to make as a career woman but I know it’s the right decision too and it helps me so much to see another woman who has had success doing something similar. U do u! Family is so important xx

  17. Kim, I love the personal videos and getting to know you and your journey. So inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I feel like I have the same "working girl" mentality right now – no kids but I like the idea of being the provider. I think it has a lot to do with the sense of security.

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  19. Aww very cool video. I quit work when I became a Mama and I love it. Yes some people treat me as "oh you're just a Mum" but whatever. I'm holding it together at home sorting the house and kids while hubby works long hours. We have both made sacrifices-he misses out on a lot with the kids and I'm not working/using my degree but this is exactly what we both want and what works best for our family. You gotta do you.👨‍👩‍👧‍👦❤

  20. Boy I'm late to watch this and I have a crazy story of my own but it would be too long to write here. I appreciate you coming home for your kids! That was one of my biggest motivations for major decisions I made. BTW, I'm a single parent (yes, I wear my wedding ring in my videos … and everywhere hehe … but that's a whole other story 😩) I sincerely appreciate your words about single parents! ❤❤❤❤❤

  21. I love your personal type videos. They just stick with me, if that makes sense. 🙂 I am a stay-at-home Mom that homeschools but once upon a time I did work outside the home. It is a transition. For our family, it was the BEST choice for us. I don't miss working and love being home. Especially now that I have caring for my mother in our home too. I am interested to hear what you do to earn income at home. Thanks for sharing your heart.

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