1. I'm speechless to see how this drug and Other Drugs are being legalized from overseas heroin users they get their own area to shoot up clean needles condoms I mean where does it stop when they start running over kids

  2. It's more illegal than ever, I tried to order my medical cannabis today from a dispensary I've been using for 4 years I usually do THC oil and get some edibles along with that after 4 years of doing that today I can no longer do.

  3. Andrew (Scheer), you really sound like a child yourself. You don't need to disagree just for the sake of disagreeing, which is what you're doing. You say that children are "now" going to have access to cannabis, as if they didn't before…? Have you ever been to a high school in Canada? 'Kids' can already get weed at school, any day of the year, within minutes. Legal weed won't get into the hands of children any more than alcohol does, and it virtually doesn't (except for in the cases of irresponsible parents). It's honestly terrifying to think that you may be Canada's next leader, and you don't even know that cannabis has been in Canada since long before legalization on October 17, 2018. You fool!

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