1. I know this is an older video but you seem to have trouble getting high with capsules. Do you by any chance suffer from heartburn or acid reflux? Stomach acid can kill THC and since capsules don't have a lot of food product to act as a buffer it could possibly be a factor. An antacid before your Nutella could do wonders. Or not. Just a thought.

  2. i always lol when im at some random shop and i ask should i take it with a glass of milk( i drink whole milk)…….and they look confused and i go bc if i have it with a big glass there will be a lot of fat breaking down with teh edible….and they trip out and suggest almond milk or coconut milk bc theyre health freaks…..smh right over their heads. I always take my baked or chocolate bars with a nice glass of milk for that extra good measure. Works especially well with korova black bar fragments.

  3. New subscriber here. It's nice to see someone giving an honest negative review. So often I get the feeling reviewers and getting paid for their positive reviews and so everything they review gets at least a semi positive review.

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