How Elon Musk DIDN’T Smoke Weed on Joe Rogan

Not a typo. The funny thing is, there is an EVEN BIGGER issue at hand here which apparently no one else is talking about. Well, time to bring it to light! Again.


  1. WATCH TILL END – there’s more than just “he didn’t inhale.” And to be clear, I absolutely adore Elon Musk. No hate is intended here. I fully support simulation theory and I think he’s brilliant. Don’t mistake my silly sarcasm for hate.

  2. Why is everybody making a big deal about him not inhaling? The intire podcast is awesome, this guy is just living his perfect life by grinding and creating things HE finds cool and funny (as he tells in the podcast). He isn't informed about drugs just as much as we aren't in physics, computer science and engineering. I think that he dosen't give a fuck about stockholders, thats not why he is husteling so much. Adam, without trying to sound coocky, but did you listen to the podcast or just jump to the weed part?

  3. Dude, you’ve just lost a lot of my respect…. As you can’t respect a man who obviously isn’t accustom to smoking weed and to be honest even if he is, regarding his position in LIFE I don’t really blame him for not inhaling. Maybe he hadn’t smoked for months so his tolerance would have been so low he knew inside he may have gotten uncomfortable.. at least he gave it a shot, don’t mock people blatantly. That’s rude, and VERY unlike you mate. Lost a lot of my respect.

  4. Perhaps there could be a channel that makes news reel of reporting of alcohol deaths like they do sensationalizing other drugs. I think Elon might have been in so many directions of pressure there that he just didn't want to break that box open, and played it like he did, to dent it but not scrath too deep.

  5. do the majority of people still really think weed is that bad still?? From my experience it seems like people think weed just does absolutely nothing so they smoke it all the time, like all the time. Thats also cuz im in cali surrounded by 20 year olds too prob lol. Anyway the point is I think people are too extreme of both ends, in other words people either think its only terrible for you and your brain or that it does absolutely nothing – both i know are wrong! Moderation is key!!! but perhaps i should walk my talk as well 😉

  6. Exactly!! 🙂 living in one the most backward ass States very much in agreement! Drink yourself to death, have some pills! But God forbid you smoke a joint..we all know what’s up, Pandora BEEN out the box!

  7. ADAM! I have an important question; did you fully recover from your mdma use, I did molly once and still dont feel the same anymore (tested offcourse -kinda overdosed i have to say-)(depressed), loved the experience but did an IQ test I was familiar with before. I was kinda shocked -so I rather stay away from m…-. have to say that i did fully recover from my extensive lsd use. Maybe you can do a vid about recovery to give some of them peeps hope out there, and so they know what steps to take. Love your vids got stuck in them in the time period i broke my head on acid, so watched them over and over.

    Much love peace and all that hippie shit keep it up🤙

  8. As well, I don't get why he says he doesn't like weed bc he doesn't want to be unproductive, he has never smoked. It's also not like alcohol makes him productive? He still drinks..

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