Misunderstanding The Biological Law of Accommodation As It Applies To Weight Training!

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  1. Jason, as a former rancher I thought you'd have a better idea of cattle weight gain. Calves grow far faster than you think, a yearling can easily be 6-700lbs so maybe Milo did better than you realise!

  2. Hi Jason.

    What are your thoughts on the bondarchuk system.
    He keeps everything the same and sees peaking after 6 weeks or more.

    Further to that.
    If i run a block with exact same reps and load but focus on intent to lift. I.e increasing bar velocity. Will this by pass that accommodation.

  3. Jason i have a Question: Is it good to have a fixed volume like 30 Pull ups per workout and do as many sets it needs you to hit the targeted number? I heard arnold schwarzenegger did this style of workout for his pull ups and he said once u can do 10 reps in the first set u have to increase weight. Whats your thoughts on this? Is this a good way to build muscle? I mean, would this work?

  4. Is it wierd that I'm a fan of both alphadestiny and jason ? I mean jason is kind of a dick but man he is knowledgable I would take his advice very seriously , sometimes I feel like the hate jason gets just doesn't make much sense , being a bit hostile about your opinion and lying about your past doesn't make you a bad person there are lots of people who saw jason as a mentor and it motivated them to make strength training a passion of theirs , like alphadestiny himself .
    And speaking of alphadestiny , do you guys honestly just hate him because he promotes rack pulls ? Honestly if you hate him because of some videos and statements he made as a 17 years old you are just a dumbass , he removed the videos he promoted as a fucking kid . Alphadestiny has counter-culture opinions to say the least , but honestly we cant deny that he is on a much higher level than the average fitness youtuber , he educated a lot of young men on stuff scientists didnt even care bring to the public . I never even thought of concepts like : joint angle specificity , carryover , weighted stretch , proper exercise selection , full body training .. hell I was running bro splits and skipping leg day .. now legs are my best bodypart and i have a 225 for 4 squat as a 16 years old .
    Why cant we just appreciate both guys ? Maybe a collab in the future who knows

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