1. I love weed!! but it has no place in sports!!! The players that do smoke.. let them do it.. but don't put it on the spotlight for kids to see.. low key smoking isn't as cool as sports.. but i love watching high!! 😂😁😂

  2. If athletes start smoking week than little kids will see them as role models. After this than many ordinary people will start doing it and you don't want that. That's probably the NFL, MLB, and NBA's problem with it. Kids see athletes as role models and if they started doing this then it would have a bad influence on them.

  3. I support it but i can see it from other peoples perspective for example big athletes become inspirations for up and coming adolescents and im pretty sure a parent wouldnt want their kid to smoke weed because their favorite athlete because tbh kids try to be like their favorite athletes growing up

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