1. I know David Horowitz doesn’t like some of what she says about what happened in WWII. Horowitz is a bonafide anti-Communist who knows a lot about Communist infiltration given the fact he was one.

  2. When I was in college in the later years of the 1970's sitting in my Broadcast Communications class I suddenly realized that my professor, a very likable fellow was pushing an ideology that my father had warned about at the dinner table discussions my siblings and I often had with him on political subjects among other things. He had told us what to look for and taught us to always question those who are in positions of power which naturally includes teacher and professors. I was so shocked that I had made the connection that my father warned me about that I just shouted out to my professor "You are a communist!" To my horror, he affirmed my statement claiming that he was not here to change anyone's minds because he was sure that communism would not "work" in America. That I soon learned was one of the many lies he told often.
    From that moment onward the instruction in my Broadcast Communication class ceased and every class became a hot debate between him and me about communism. He loved the debate I could sense that from the gate and he had compelling points about what he saw as the "benefits" of communism in China particularly. I was invited to meetings in his home to debate the subject further and he even offered to pay my passage to join him on a trip to China during a holiday break. I did go to several meetings where I felt totally pounced on by other people there. What alarmed me was the other professors that I recognized from the college halls and one other that I had been taking Political Science class from in my first year. They were all communists! I had lost my father while in high school so wished I had listened more carefully to his warnings when sitting at the dinner table. We need to quit calling the left "socialists" because they are COMMUNISTS but many of them do not even know it!

  3. Too many everyday people hear communist and connect it to Russia and if the topics bought up among them they're confused about the reality and what and where the real threat is, and it has nothing to do with modern day Russia, although there's much to be learned from what was already done to them in the past.

  4. Diana doesn’t mention the massive Jewish refugees America took in in the 1950s. At one point congress passed a long (attached to a budget bill) for over 50k Jewish only Russian refugees and they received waivers so they didn’t even need a reason to move here.

  5. blacks are all communists, all women are communists. don't refer to them in a discussion about communism unless you want to completely invalidate yourself. the only plus out of this is there's no reason for china/russia to nuke america because they're all communist countries now.

  6. The Depressing Truth. About all our "leaders". Including Trump. Evil is too entrenched in the American political/election process. Only a military coup by America's loyal, redblooded soldiers will sweep the jew-created Deep State out into the ocean.

    Spain found this out when they were completely beseiged by communists. As did Italy, Greece, Portugal, etc.

    Also that eternal example not to defy the jews – Hitler's Germany.

    This is why the head jew – Rothschild – said "Give me control of a nation's money and I care not who makes its laws." Money talks, bullshit walks.


  7. I and my husband were taught that The John Birch Society was a Communist-leaning organization. I found out 10 years ago, after reading Saul Allinsky’s Rules for Radicals, that this group marched AGAINST Communist influence. Glen Beck first opened my eyes to the Communist influence in our government. I now know why he was attacked so much and had to leave Fox News.

  8. If I'll ever see God in afterlife I want to see what really happened through the history and especially 19 and 20 century starting with WW1 and how international bankers took over the world.

  9. Didn't Stalin say:"One death is a tragedy, one million deaths is a statistic?" I don't know how it fits but, my Dad served with the 8th Army in Tokyo right after the war. He said it was common knowledge then that we maintained a heavy military presence there to keep the Soviets from taking Japan. He was an MP who encountered Soviet sailors from time to time. He used to say:"The only thing a Russian understands is a billy-club up side his head." lol Fortunately he cycled out of the Army 6 months before Korea started. The 8th Army was the first to go. If he'd stayed in I probably wouldn't be here. Politicians play the games and we pay the price.

  10. My grandfather was a staunch anti-Communist from at least the 50s onward. Earlier he had despised the works of FDR. I can remember at least as far back the 80s most of my extended family mocked him and thought he was a nut case. Starting in the mid 90s, I began to slowly realize that he may have been onto something. The evidence that he was right has been building steadily since then. By now it is clear that my grandfather was not the fool he was made out to be.

  11. Don't forget the origins of Communism, and who the Bolsheviks were, and their hatred for Christianity , and we as Americans allied with these Communists, and what a coincidence the State of Israel was concieved, and research who funded these Bolsheviks and the destruction of millions of innocent people, we continue to aid, abet, and bow to these Communists still today….

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