1. Man, it just erased my other comment, damn it. Well, here we go again. So the first thing I noticed, I saw him touch the fence, but didn't care, as the hand looked flat. So, the first major thing, was the elbow. It could have been 12-6, but was most certianly to the back of the head, violating the mohawk rule. I only saw it once, then I stopped the video to type this, when you asked the question. Now, as far as the fence goes, you're allowed to touch the fence, you just can't let your fingers cross the plane of the chain links on the cage. Tony did violate this rule, his fingers did break the plane, but he was clearly pushing, not holding and that is allowed, just like cage walking from bottom is allowed.

  2. Sorry, there was no fence grabbing, just TOUCHING which is legal (check it out in slow motion), it was only perceived by the ref who was standing too far away to judge. Second, that was not an axe elbow as it did not land 12/6, but on a backward angle. It was a strike to the back of the head though. Good vid bro. I have fought in the cage a LONG time ago and you make excellent points.

  3. the hand looked so flat without the sound and it was just so brief of a touch it looked just like a posting off the fence to square up the body, especially without seeing the fingers dig in the first time around… the calls made by dean were just knee-jerk assumptions. The second time around with the sound i was looking to see if tony's hand dug in and maybe i missed it the first time around, it was so quick and brief, honestly even if there was such a quick fence grab, it would of been so brief, that there is no way dean could of caught it that quickly without making a knee jerk assumption…. "hand near a fence = automatic grab"

  4. It was such a natural reaction to stabilize your center of gravity I didn't think anything of it, I honestly think he could have achieved the same positional advantage even if he used the back of his fist. But yeah, didn't even register it as a meaningful event when I first saw it, didn't even register; great video man, I love your work!

  5. he grabbed the fence. and he elbowed almost 12-6 the back of kevins head. yet your excited about that and not the slam. wow tony has some dick riders out there

  6. i legit understood 100% of what you are saying
    but i dont get how any of it mattered
    i mean people fuck up, so what?
    worst case scenario, guy gets a disqualification, they watch the tapes like a million times , they see he didnt grab the fence, and a rematch would be scheduled
    why does this video exsit, like why were all these sorta unrelated topics and concepts brought together, like you could add or remove parts without effecting the flow or the overall video
    i feel like drugs had something to do with the production of the video
    "stop watching mma"
    imma stop watching this strange toad man auto play brought me like a cat seeking attention
    bad auto play, no strange toad men , bad

  7. watching 4 months later (for the 2nd time) and i see everything initially. once you've seen, its hard to unsee. I saw the underhook, cage grab for parallel alignment, the 12-6 elbow to the back of the head, the takedown slam, and something new TONY realizing the slam has initiated so he leans his head forward to keep it from hitting the mat and avoids a potential K.O I also noticed Couv's Coogi sweater may be 1 size too small for him. the sleeves usually run big on those and Couv's sleeves are too small…..God Damn Newt!

  8. Actually when you first asked “did you see the fence grab?” I said to myself.. no I saw him brace/push off the fence for balance. Lol but over all the elbow stuck out the most to me. I saw an illegal blow. 12-6 elbow on the back of the head

  9. The thing that stuck out to me was in between the fence grab and the elbow when Tony surveyed his options quickly it seemed. Something I am learning in BJJ, to pause, stay cool after transition, assess and then act. He does a break fall on the slam.

  10. If you are so good at analisis why don't you start beting on fights,see how acurate your brain farts are then,get a real job,ideling life like this makes you see things that are not there

  11. I could see it all as cheating before the sound. However, I picked up his posturing when you began to run through it. Herb is better off erring on the side of caution, and who wouldn't push the boundaries in a high stakes game? The elbow appears to break two rules but the 12:00/6:00 appears to be forced perspective because of the camera angle. The back of head strike seems intentional in that he didn't care where it lands.

  12. He touched the fence and hooked 2 or 3 fingers in a link. 1st time. While pinned to the fence he also looked to be hooking a finger. I don't think the warnings were out of place or confirmation bias. They seemed to me to be instructions from the ref to avoid misconduct.

    Neither were infractions, neither were grabbing the fence. But I don't see hooking fingers as a simple push either.

    I'm calling them touching and no foul, and believe Dean was within bounds to warn. Now Cormier, on the other hand, was making shit up.

  13. So, basically, Alpace Thesaurus is saying both the referee and the commentator did an honest mistake and, therefore, you should "stop watching UFC & MMA"… Makes perfect sense. Not.

  14. Watched my first UFC in 1992, and been in a hundred unsanctioned fights in my life, all I have learned is that I have an iron chin and am pretty strong, and that alot of guys who have never been in a fight in their life think they know more than they really do

  15. Mma is the greatest sport know to man, every other sport is just some over paid clowns running back and forth, boring as fuck… mma is a true primal test of will

  16. When you get hoisted, things happen quick. All you care about is adjustments. Saying not to grab by Herb, is more of guiding instruction, as opposed to correction or much less a warning. DC is just a fraud and cheating, dishonourable, coward, I'd like to fight him.

  17. You need to be awake to see what this is really about. I see 2 transgenders fighting and Lee was grabbing tonys woo woo. Wake up people all you see on tv is trannys. Look up all NBA players are females on YouTube

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