Scott Storch Says Dr. Dre’s ‘Detox’ Is ‘Gonna Happen’ + How He Beat Addiction

Legendary producer Scott Storch stops by the studio to talk about what life is like now that he’s clean from addiction and how he’s bouncing back with new music …


  1. Let’s keep moving forward… stop talking about what Scott lost and focus on what he is moving ahead with. Do asking some dumb ass question. “Fat Joe is your friend, how is he your friend?” Smh.

  2. Love Scott’s work & he seems very laid back… He his one of the greatest. If I was Dre, I wouldn’t release Detox cuz people are ungrateful & calling Compton The Soundtrack garbage.. Compton was his best work.

  3. Hey, while your "beating" things, tackle Heroin, or any opiods/opiates!!!!! I beat coke, but everyone has a Vice! Addiction, is everyone's problem, not everyone is aware of what they're chasing! I hate when motherfuckers, act like drug addicts are differen/bettert, then other people! Your not, your vice is just legal, an therefore they aren't aware……or don't care. Good luck Scott, and big up to all of the ginger fam!!!!!

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