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  1. There is no Somalia beenta iskga daafa. It is a colonially constructed failed project invented by the crusading Europeans namely the British and Italian's in 1960 and as a result collapsed in 1991.

    The stretch of lands forming from Mogadishu to Ras Kamboni is the historical homelands and city states of the Arab Banadirs of East Africa.

    The Arab tribes of Banadir from Mogadishu to Ras Kamboni should form their own sovereign independent nation state and retake back their lands & city states from the nomadic hordes namely of Hawiye and Darood.

    The Mighty Bantus of the Shabbelle and Hiiraan regions all the way down to Kismayo including the Bajuni islands should too form a Soveiegn independent nation state and liberate Greater Jaheer Wayne lands through arms from the colonising nomadic hords such as Abgal, Habr Gidr and Mejertan. Furthermore, Jaheer Wayne should either form their own a republic state or join with their maternal nephews the coastal Arab Banadiris to form a Soveiegn state.

    Kudos, brav & Masha'Allah ❤ to Somaliland! Hargeisa's wise and visionary political leadership should continue and keep pursuing a Soveiegn independent nation state and God Willing a flourishing state is near your door steps within the immediate future. 🙏🌹

    Hawiye! and Darood! The two Elephants of the Room need to vacate the South and head back to their historical & ancestral Northern Savvanah plains of Puntland, Ogaden, Adnan Yabal Ceelmaacan Galinsoor Ferfer Ceelwaaq Xarxar Saang Bari Duusomurab etc where they are actually from. For far too long you've have forgotten that you are neither welcomed or native or indigenous to the Arab coastal areas or the farming lands of the Bantus.

    Beenta iskga daafa iyo tuugnimo iskga daafa 🌹

  2. Asain always jealous about Somali , because Somali first country become or took Islam 1hijra, first Hijra, Somali doing great in Islamic history, of'c as an Arab that time wast Somali name.

  3. Waxaa qalad ah Inaad indhaha caalamka isku soojiidaan. Jinsiyad ayaa meel latagteen beeratana aragti ayaa la la tagaa, bal fiiri sida qoraalka u ataagayo jinsiyada, aragti diinta in la wareero Ayey aheyd balse tan waxaaba ka daran oo lagu mashquuley jinsiyadiina in la idinku weeraro Subhanallah Alla maxaa jaahilin buuxaan aan fikir in waaa caqi xumo

  4. Waxaa qalad ah Inaad moryooley is dhahdaan waxaa. Aad ufududaaneeso in mar walbe la idinku weeraro, idinka Muslim dhahdaan aragtida islamka iyo aqoon talada dhiibato ka wanaagsan balse dal dhan magaciisa Inaad xanbaarato qalad weyn u arka

  5. Stupid smelly benefits somalians, get your own channel, i can smell u through the screen… You lot are so thick its unbelievable…. Big forehead uneducated wannabe westerners

  6. Drugs are for weak minded individuals. I remember some guy telling me weed opens his mind. If you need a drug to open your mind, then you're dumb as hell, and need to see a shrink. Shout out to everyone that doesn't drink, smoke, or chew khat.

  7. You wanna fight crime on our streets and prevent it then dont stay quiet about it and wait for it to happen! Report it!

    You well know know that All these grooming gangs, Sexual exploitation & Prostitution, Rape, Owning of Brothels, Gun crime, Funding of Terrorism, Knife crime are all related to DRUGS! Our streets are infested with these Rats! Who are wrecking up Homes and Familys! Most of these suspects and convict will be from Asian, Middle Eastern, European, Black, Caucasian background!

    If you dont believe me check out your city's Police website!

    Take visual evidence and note down car Regs, Date and Times of Incidents, Description of the Drug Dealers etcs fill in your Anonymous Form Today! Lets fight this together!

    Or CALL: 0800 555 111 or Dial 101

    Email and Send your Photo/Video Evidence to:
    [email protected]

    Note: State in Subject line what crime you relating to

  8. Gaal haduu god galo halaga daba galaa ka dhacdey cajiib nin weyn oo qashinki jam isku ekeysiiyey , doofartas foosha xun dhaqanka xun baaba neceb cahay iyo wixii isku ekeysiiya, nadhaaf qashin baad tahayee

  9. How can you blame parents for 17 year olds smoking? It's all about their company they keep around. And obviously If hanslow is over populated with Somalis, then you're bound to see more of them smoking. Plus how do you know if these people are not just one time smokers? This woman is foolish. if you can't help then don't open your mouth.

  10. The issue this guy is diving into is very dangerous he can't say your either Muslim or a gangster if his saying, your a gangster then you can't be Muslim then his innovating for that is making takfir without any basis and being a gangster doesn't nullifie someone's islam.

  11. They talking about asians go on like they own the mosque that's rubbish, yeah some elders use to go on like that now is changed a lot and talking about during prayers putting shoulders and feet next to each other, so many somali brothers move the feet away I don't take to offence lolllllllllllll

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