1. That's how I imagine the "men of renown" must have looked and performed like back in the olden days…that guy has Hercules blood and a great humble and positive energy. Both of these men are ridiculously powerful.

  2. Look at these man bears…I like Bradley's humor…he seems like he has ADD or ADHD…must have been a handful for his mom but it has worked out for him in focusing on getting big and building the success of his brand and youtube channel.

  3. Dude people don't realize how badass Hafthor is…besides winning ALL the strongman events in one calendar year in 2018, he beat a 1000 year old record set by a legit VIKING in a log carry….I mean it's in the fucking Saga's….the viking carried the log 3 steps, broke his back and was never the same afterwards….Thor went five steps and three years later is the world's strongest man….who else can say that??

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