1. I'll complete 19 days here in 5 hours. I wish I could say I'm killing it, but damn these last few days have been rough. Its like the cravings have reversed course and intensified to where they're almost as bad or worse than day two. I've utilized your videos, Carr's Book and the smokefree app to keep affloat, but damn I hope this goes away soon. I probably just need to get my ass in the gym. Still holding strong though.

  2. In April it Will be two years since I was where you are at now. When I was on my day 2 of not smoking, I had a big once a year family and friends picnic. It wasn't that bad. In fact after first hour of being there, I sort of did not even care, and even felt good about myself whenever I said 'nope' to myself. For first two weeks my number #1 problem was a strong feeling of loosing a friend in a way.. as though nothing will ever be the same.. bla bla. Thoughts and feelings like that are the ones that will later (when you will loook back with a smile) make you realize how strong and addiction cigarettes really are – they can convince you in lies like "nothing will ever be as good.. blaha blah". Anways, I want to let you know that you don't have to do much preping in your quit. Seriously, just by not smoking, all the lies and false feelings disappear and then you find yourself going for a cup of coffee with your friend who recently quit smoking as well.. and in the middle of that.. you two ask each other "why are we freezing outside.. let's go inside, it's not like we smoke". 😀 (true story).

  3. This was an awesome video!!! As usual!! And the same goes for me in regards to speaking and bonding about quitting, I've done it mostly with you too! The internet is indeed an amazing thing!! Keep up the amazing work! You can do it!!!

  4. I've watched your videos for a few previous quits and always kinda wished I got to start with you from the beginning. On my day 3 i seen your recent videos pop up, how lucky! You are only two days ahead of me and it really helps my confidence to hear your videos. I know i will never smoke again and this is also by far my easiest quit. Usually where I fail is when drinking alcohol or if my husband slips up (if he can smoke, so can i kind of attitude). You made a good point most of my fails are weeks or months into my quit because i forget how badly addicted i truly am. Keep up the good work and stay in touch! Also please give a shootout to "Angela" ive looked for her videos and cannot find them. Thank you!

  5. Hello Jared:

    Here is a page I think you will appreciate considering your closing comments:


    Also, check out the video on the page http://whyquit.com/joels-videos/ive-got-my-smoking-under-control/
    Because you are quitting at the same time as a number of other people in your building–that video can prepare you a situation that can often happen when people a group of people in close proximity are quitting at the same time.

    One other think I want to highlight–how where you said you had never thought you would have been a long-term smoker when you first took it up. Check out the page http://whyquit.com/joels-videos/kids-just-dont-get-it/

    One notable statistic on that page:

    Although only 5% of daily smokers surveyed in high school said they would definitely be smoking five years later, close to 75% were smoking 7 to 9 years later.

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