1. 10:00 this man has wrong gospel , the gospel is not of works Ephesians 2:8-9 sealed forever Ephesians 1:13-14 not by any law Galatioans 2:16 , repentance is change of mind from seeing yourself as God to knowing that God exist and trusting him that's all , grace means undeserved gift means free .

  2. I don't use it to escape reality.
    I do pray every night, morning & conversate (just me, i dont hear him audiology like others say) with the Lord Jesus Christ. I give thanks & repent.

    If I need deliverance from a demon(s) of ill health & poverty (I am a single mom, work full-time, not on any assistance, have no benefits. But never have enough $ after rent for food, utilities & clothing or fun) I have always had to budget tightly. God has always helped us through it.

    If I need deliverance from smoking pot.

    Please pray for me.

    Also pray for my 19 year old son & twin 14 year old girls to come to the Lord Jesus Christ. My girls say they believe & my son doesn't.
    One of my twins is pan sexual & part of the LGBT community.

    I repent a lot for my sexual sins & lusts, fornication, lying, steeling ways of my past. I have tried a few drugs & never cared for them & never got hooked. I don't really drink, I have a a beer with my family, I don't get drunk. My problem really has been sex out of marriage (never married) & also when younger hung out with the gay crowd. I believe marriage is between a man & woman. God delivered me from that way of thinking.

    I am confessing my sins

    1 John 1:9
    If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all

    I see you have prayed for others, as I see in the comments. Please pray for us & you have a good understanding of our needs.

    In Jesus mighty name. Amen.

  3. That kid’s been through a lot. But he’s used that excuse for a long time. And no one in his life has ever cared enough to call him on it until now. And it looks like he was receptive. Seed planted. Well done, Jimmy. Well done.

  4. If God threw in hell all of his children saved or not saved,hell would be packed to the gill.Besides,wouldn't that be very very mean to do your child that way.Question..Do you have children? Would you let your child burn forever in hell? If so you are just as wicked and mean as the devil himself..I belive in God,but I don't understand why he would sentence "anyone" to a burning hell forever..Explain this someone,please !!

  5. Ol Jimmy, you spent all that time with the pot smoker and never told him how to get SAVED by the Blood of Jesus! The pot smoker walked away just as lost from the time he entered into your presence! The sad thing ol Jimmy is that your prayer to GOD was not even heard because your heart is not right with GOD!
    Really sad ol Jimmy YOU THINK with you puffed up pride of your works salvation you are doing the will of GOD! Far from it ol Jimmy!
    I would have taught that pot smoker to get his soul saved by The Gospel of Jesus The Christ! 1st Corinthians 15: 1-4, Ephesians 2: 8-10 and 1: 7 and I would have such as I do when I witness without a big cross and loud speaker because I show people my heart filled with the Holy Spirit by kind words and love!
    ol Jimmy you remind of the Pharisee's in the Bible where they loved the worship of men by their outward appearance! It is funny how Jesus put them in their place.
    ol Jimmy did Jesus walk around with a big cross, sunglasses and a loud microphone? Think about that ol Jimmy of works salvation!
    Repent Jimmy!
    Love 4Truth!

  6. ol Jimmy, trusting in his "WORKS" instead of trusting in what Jesus did to save his sinner you know what! Nice ol Jimmy making people feel like they have to be good to be Saved! No ol Jimmy Jesus moves into your heart by RECEIVING the FREE GIFT of Salvation and works on a persons heart and not the other way around therefore Jesus gets all the GLORY! NO ol Jimmy, Jesus took care of business for you and you spit in his face by telling people they have to "Repent of their sins" of which is NO WHERE ol Jimmy in the KJV Bible!
    Take those foolish black shades off your lost face Ol Jimmy and look people in the eyes and tell them what JESUS did for them and not what they have to do of which is "Works" (Ephesians 2: 8-9) to get Saved.
    Ol Jimmy with his big Idol Cross and loud speaker thinking he is doing something good for Jesus! NOT!
    Ol Jimmy you and your brother WILL NOT GO TO HEAVEN for sure if you don't have a change of mind (Repent) and give Jesus the GLORY for what HE Jesus did on the Cross to pay for your sins.
    Ol Jimmy it is quite obvious to me you have not a clue as to how to get saved! I even think the demons have you and they are playing you like a fiddle!
    Ol Jimmy, what did Jesus DO and HOW did HE do it to pay for your sins?
    Love 4Truth!

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