Pauline Hanson supports medical Cannabis made available to sick and suffering patients in Australia

I remember the days when politicians or anyone who dared speak about the benefits of cannabis products were laughed out of the room. These days, the …


  1. I'm all for legitimate medical marijuana. I'm not for the bullshit claims of arthritis, bipolar, glaucoma or sore back to get medical weed. Big Pharma has been poisoning people for 100 years with their potions produced out of aborted fetus' & petroleum based chemicals. Marijuana does have medical applications to it, but to think if you smoke it all day everyday & believe you're going to be cured of cancer is dumb. Marijuana relieves the pain for cancer sufferers, it doesn't "cure cancer".

  2. The Government let's people drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes but it's still not ok for people to have free will to relax when they need it with marijuana, it has negatives like alcohol but I've never heard of someone dying from it. Government needs to stop controlling everything atleast not in a negative way for themselves.

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